Strongest Dragon Ball Character Homelander could fight evenly or kill?

  1. Early dragon ball. By the time you get to 22nd Tournament and King Piccolo you’ve got people that are able to destroy cities with a single energy attack.

  2. VERY early dragon ball too, considering not even far in they hit Master Roshi and Homelander has to nope out or die

  3. If we’re talking honestly it would have to be like 40 episodes In kid goku cause homelander could kill start of dragon ball goku but I’m not sure on the specifics of when it becomes even

  4. This is probably the best answer, Magetta is a ToP level fighter (albeit almost a strictly defensive one), and while he can tank any physical damage Homelander can dish out, the psychological damage is something else entirely.

  5. It's tough. He scales above Mr. Satan, but not by much. Realistically a good match would be against Videl I'd say

  6. It is hard to say where Videl places. I mean she decides she isn't a match for the Z-Fighters but they are all basically planet busters at that point. Videl could be dramatically above Homelander and still be dramatically below Krillin.

  7. Considering Moon Busting became a casual thing mid season. General Blue for a reliably even fight, (he's durable enough to survive a plane crash in a mountain to no relative ill effect, combat capable, and has psychic powers that could probably work on Homelander...but the question of Homelander being able to negate it through his strength, heat vision is still something to consider, and well...he can fly are all valid factors to consider so...Blue might be able to fight him but I don't see him winning), Mercenary Tao and higher for reliable kills (his Dodan Wave is probably a moon buster if it's capable of matching Master Roshi's when he fought a Werewolf, he killed Blue with his tongue, and his travel pillar makes him faster than a Jet so...I can see him getting the kill)

  8. Goku during his first training with Roshi. Before the training HL would win easily (against a child lol), but by the time of the first tournament Goku would stomp (it's from this point the fights happen in a split second, as they move faster than the eye can see), so somewhere in between.

  9. In terms of power he's probably as strong as show homelander? He's less present in the comics so he doesn't have that many actual combat feats.

  10. Probabbly grandpa Gohan or Ox king. Also Kid goku at the start, before he gets trained by Master Roshi as if i remember he had around 10-20 power lvl only.

  11. Gine scales directly to Form 2 Frieza considering Bardock is 1 Zenkai from being able to achieve regular SSJ1.

  12. Mr Satan is surprisingly durable, but doesn’t have much offensive power. I think Homelander could take him, and Mr Satan really only looks weak because of scaling

  13. I think Bora from underneath Korrin's Tower would be a pretty decent opponent that Homelander would likely kill. He took a barrage of gunfire unharmed and threw Goku and Yajirobe above the clouds when Goku was injured.

  14. Probably caps at King Piccolo. Everything that follows is at speeds he can barely reach, durability that he would struggle to do high damage to quickly, and destructive output he couldn’t handle well

  15. He probably stops at Tien, Master Roshi or Tao. Being able to blow up entire stadiums or God forbid the f***ing moon is way beyond anything Homelander has been able to do. Homelander however has considerably better flight though at this point in time.

  16. I think 21st Tenkaichi Budokai Goku would be a good fight. Beyond that, I don't see Homelander winning. Goku's fast enough to move at supersonic speeds and could do damage to Homelander, but it's a fight I ultimately see going either way.

  17. Ki is overpowered. Tao was stronger than Roshi, who blew up the moon, but nearly died to a grenade. Basing their durability off of their ability to withstand a ki blast just doesn't seem like an accurate way to determine overall durability. But it's a damn fine way to determine their offensive capability.

  18. Physically I'd put homelander around the Tao strength phase though his durability is much higher than Tao in regards to physical threats. Tao can throw a pillar. Homelander can throw a jet. At the very least I know a grenade isn't going to almost mortally wound homelander.

  19. I wouldn't be surprised if the only characters he were beating were around "Master Shen's" level (Tien's master) . I could see Homelander fighting and winning high difficulty (maybe).

  20. zeno, zeno is sub-human physically due to lack of feats and couldn't react to FTL travel even with a special device designed to do so, id say he's at best hypersonic.

  21. Mr Satan would be a mid diff fight, but he might be able to take him. The people that go after him for killing old hercule are a different story

  22. Dude Krillin killed three saibamen, cut off a planet destroyers tail and conceived a child with something stronger than a super saiyan. Krillin bodies HL.

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