Smallville Superman (Season 10) vs Lord Boros (Meteoric Burst)

  1. I haven't seen smallville but from what I've heard by season 10 Clark is able to throw a planet from earth to outside of the solar system. This is so much higher than anything we have seen boros do I think he could easily exhaust him and overwhelm his regeneration he's also MFTL so even that wouldn't help boros

  2. This version of Superman can statue light, he outspeeds by a crazy amount. He might not have the attack power to damage Boros, but it’s in character so Clark should be able to BFR with ease. Not sure if Boros can breathe in space or survive being thrown into the sun.

  3. Boros, I mean can Superman even deflect his CSRC, which was capable of glassing the planet's surface? His biggest feat is pushing away a planet, which Idk how it scales against a stellar level attack.

  4. Some sources say boros CSRC can literally cause stars to collapse. Though it's usually said that it only destroys the planet

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