Weakest character that could Survive a barrage of punches from Star Platinum?

  1. jotaro holds back ALOT against human opponents, he punches through dio’s skull pretty easily which means when he’s bloodlusted he should be able to punch holes in humans with minimal effort, but he never does

  2. Saint Seiya. He always has his ass kicked by everyone, and always survives. It would be no different with Star Platinum

  3. Shedinja i would say is the weakest since it only has 1 hp... unless the punches are ghost, fire, flying, rock, or dark type

  4. A completely untrained psychic blank from warhammer 40k, providing that since it draws from your fighting spirit, which is Essentially your soul, Jotaro wouldent be able to directly attack the blank with his stand. So it would be a whole minute of jotaro standing infront of the blank, with the blank looking confused.

  5. Captain man, from Henry danger comes to mind, he’s indestructible and would still feel pain from the punches but suffer no injuries

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