how the MCU would Change if Captain America was Given the compound V?

  1. I would guess he would instantly defeat red skull, making him not use the tesseract and beaming away, meaning it remains on earth, so there wont be a captain marvel, and steve probably wont be frozen in ice and lives out his life with carter like at the end of endgame.

  2. The tesseract doesn’t get beamed away. Red Skull does, he gets sent to Vormir. The Space Stone falls into the ocean. Howard stark finds it and brings it back to shield. In the 80’s Mar-vel infiltrated earth and went up in the ranks of the airforce and was trying to use the space stone to create a way for the skrulls to escape to the other side of the universe away from the Kree. That’s how Cap ended up crossing paths with it.

  3. He beats Red Skull easily, so he doesn't go into the ice. The Cold War plays out differently, likely meaning the Black Widow program never gets off the ground. The Winter Soldiers are shut down as well, and Bucky saved and rehabilitated much earlier. The plot of Captain Marvel plays out differently, Yon Rogg is sent packing quickly, but CM may never unlock her full power. By the time of the Avengers movies, Cap has 70 years experience while still being in his physical prime, but by this point Bucky may be an old man. Howard Stark is still alive, or has recently died of old age, Tony likely never becomes Iron Man.

  4. I think if cap with the power of soldier boy was around from ww2 to now with his power not declining the need for war in the middle east would decline because he could defeat the majority of the terrorist organizations there single handedly. This means Tony has no need to waste his time making weapons for the military to use in the middle east and can spend time researching the arc reactor technology. Some version of the iron man suit would probably still end up getting made.

  5. Doesn't reallt change anything. He still defeats the people he does, just easier. Maybe he'll beat Loki instead of getting his ass kicked, but then Iron Man came in and took Loki down anyway so that doesn't matter. It's not like he's gonna solo Ultron or Thanos.

  6. Does Steve's Chest Beam make everyone else a normal human? Cause that thing would be busted af. He uses it on Bruce Banner and gets rid of the Hulk, allowing Banner and Start to usher a new age of technology.

  7. My guess is that the beam only removes compound V from the persons system so it wouldnt affect anyone in the MCU

  8. Depends on the scaling. Because Soldier Boy is building level with one statement (which is likely untrue) about homelander surviving any manmade weapon.

  9. Based on how Captain America's physiology is the compound v would have no effect. His body would metabolize it too fast.

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