616 Thanos replaces Frieza on Namek. Can Dende, Krillin, Gohan, Vegeta, and Piccolo survive Thanos till Goku heals?

  1. There's a big speed problem. Part of the reason Freeza was so terrifying is that he was fast enough to STATUE everyone up to Vegeta. His finger beams were monsterous and only Vegeta could react to them. And these are high relativistic characters at this point.

  2. Thanos has taken down speedsters before like SIlver Surfer. I don’t think DBZ is gonna be a problem.

  3. That's only Frieza in final form, which is only a very short time of the whole fight precisely because nobody besides Vegeta can even react to his attacks. Dragonball characters are not very fast whether it's absolute speed or even combat speed, or Goku wouldn't need to use transmission to travel on earth. Goku was only training in 100g, and someone who can withstand relativistic speed from newton's 3rd law would trivially shrug off 100g effects since pretty much hitting the ground is like hitting a small antimatter bomb when you're going that fast. Dragonball has always been a series where people are much faster than normal guys but not unbelievably faster, which is why Goku gets shot by a gun in DBS and Ultra Instinct is even a thing to improve your reaction time. If you move at relativistic speed your brain would react way too slowly compared to how your body moves so the fact that it took DBS before Ultra Instinct exists suggests that they were never moving so fast that their brain can't keep up, since these guys all still have normal human brains in terms of processing power.

  4. Some people here are crazy. 616 Thanos has, way more consistently than his antifeats, tanked (sometimes with noticable damage) energy projection and physical attacks far beyond anyone in DBZ at the point of the Namek saga can dish out.

  5. I agree Thanos wins, but you’re really wanking him a bit dude. With claiming that he fought Galactus and now claiming he survived Odin being serious in their one sided beat down. Odin was never serious when he was manhandling Thanos. Odin has KOed Galactus with a headbutt, if he had been even remotely serious when attacking Thanos then Thanos would have been a dead smoking heap.

  6. Thanos' durability doesn't matter because Krillin's Kienzan ignores durability. Against Frieza, Krillin threw about a dozen consecutive Kienzans, and Thanos isn't fast enough to dodge all of them.

  7. Thanos may lack speed, he makes up for it in his massive durability and strength. Not to mention, Magic, Cosmic energy, telepathy, cosmic awareness, matter and energy manipulation, thousands of years of combat experience, advanced tech, etc etc etc.

  8. Thanos when he's not bloodlusted is strong enough to beat the shit out of both Thor and the Hulk, both of which would murder the Z-Fighters at this point in the series. Not to mention all the HAX Space Grimace has. He can mind rape you, turn you into a statue, drain the life-force from you, or just absorb your attacks. And even if they could kill Thanos, he's survived much worse from several Godlike beings from Marvel Comics, not to mention his force fields.

  9. Not sure why you're getting downvoted. 616 Thanos is a planetary durability beast, who can stalemate the hulk in melee, and has both psychic powers and arcane magic.

  10. Ppl here are made that the mad Titan claps Goku , 616 Thanos was built diffrent . He has stomped Hulk and thor , fought ss and yeah i don't beleive no one in DBZ is fast enough to blizt ss

  11. Namek Vegeta breaks his hand into pieces trying to punch 616 Thanos. His blasts fare even worse since Thanos has "tanked" blasts from beings and characters of much higher energy projection output than Namek saga vegeta. Even if he was losing, tanking Odin's serious blasts without getting KOed puts him far above what any DBZ character can do at that point in time

  12. Thanos is infinity more durable than Frieza and even if kiezan work against him - it wouldn't - this would follow:

  13. The answer is yes. Thanos takes like 20 movies to get to the attack, Frieza takes like 20 episodes. Goku is fully healed, has time for breakfast and second breakfast by the time Thanos is ready to get serious. 😂

  14. Thanos Fucking stomps. Namek is when Dragonball was just beginning to dip into power levels beyond planetary. Even without the gauntlet dude is still a massive threat. He straight up manhandled Hulk and The Thing while he was also fighting Thor and Hercules, he also caught a punch from blackheart like it was nothing and blackheart is a being completely made of evil and gets stronger the more evil he is exposed to, or that time Hulk was charging towards him for a punch and Thanos just swatted him away like he’s nothing and The Hulk is able to destroy an entire Marvel universe for clarification the Marvel universe is roughly 1000 times larger than our observable universe Dragonball’s universe 7 is roughly 9 to 13 times larger than our universe but let’s highball it and say it’s 13. Back in Namek none of the cast was even close to universal and Thanos straight up scales to universal threats in a universe roughly 77 times larger than Dragon ball’s.

  15. Thanos is insanely overpowered for such a situation. He wipes them all out with blasts capable of shattering galaxies.

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