Doomsday vs The Justice league, but they are not the same team...

  1. I'm pretty sure Ben's Alien X, being a literal god, could wipe doomsday from existence. This league wins 10/10. Even if Alien X isn't allowed, Ben could transform into that time travel alien and kill doomsday before he's even born.

  2. Does Ben have Alien X? Cuz if Ben has Alien X in this scenario, Ben solos. Also If he doesn't have Alien X in this scenario, he might be able to use Clockwork to age Doomsday to dust.

  3. Doomsday doesn't really have a lifespan as far as I can tell, if anything using aging powers on Doomsday would probably just lead to Doomsday having enhanced adaptation powers.

  4. Yes. Kryptonian DNA is super humanly strong through and through, including organs. This means that vision needs to be more denser than a black hole, which he is not. He would keel himself.

  5. Did you know that Ben 10 can turn into someone that has survived the big bang? And did you know Kratos can lift a third of the moon, at least?Doomsday gets stomped. Hard.

  6. This is movie Sonic, so he's about as fast as Fox Quicksilver when really trying and is...kaiju level if Super, and large machine level otherwise.

  7. Kratos could take Doomsday 1v1. Not every time, but given Kratos' history against Giants, Titans, and Gods, Doomsday is right up his alley. With the rest of the team there, as well, it should definitely be a 10/10 win for this "Justice League."

  8. Considering this Thread Doomsday is one that Just arrived on Earth, like First time ever, i can see him and Kratos having the Bloodiest fight ever

  9. Alien X solos, should use a weaker version of Ben. The others are pretty much fodder honestly. Edit: so this is Doomsday before he's stupid strong. Even with out Alien X they could take him maybe 5/10 I think.

  10. I'm not sure I would call Reboot She-Ra goofy. But her feats are kinda wild, especially if you wanna highball some stuff like channeling enough magical energy to literally destroy the universe through herself with nothing but a failsafe and the power of lesbians on her side.

  11. I mean, I can see a few analogues (Sonic/Flash, Raiden/Cyborg, She-Ra/Wonder Woman, Vision/Martian?, Namor/Aquaman) but I get what you're saying

  12. Gonna be honest I read that as "Doom Guy" and was so confused. I thought the 'Doom Slayer is multiversal' guy came back.

  13. It’s hard to say but how strong is doomsday 52? There’s a lot of opponents that he’s up against at once. Not sure if he would get overwhelmed or maybe he can keep up with them, since he did kill superman.

  14. I don’t really understand some of the arguments here. Kratos at worst, is Superman lite. But his lore puts him well above the version of superman that fought this doomsday. She-Ra is superman lite. She has some crazy feats. Doomsday won’t be able to touch raiden or sonic and although they can’t damage doomsday either, I have no doubt that they would figure out some way to contribute. Especially sonic as he seemed more cartoon than live action hero. Vision and namor don’t add a ton but can contribute. Namor adds intelligence and tactics that the rest of the team lacks. Superman held back the entire fight and barely lost. Then came back and stomped. I assume this team isn’t as stupid as superman and will actually fight to their fullest the first time. This team should beat this doomsday 10/10. Then we get Ben 10 and alien x and it’s a stomp.

  15. Doomsday stomps everyone here except Ben, not even because Alien X (who is universal only, wank him to uni+ if you want) who couldn't even beat him but because of the scan so it's just an eternal stalemate until the omnitrix runs out and Doomsday eats ben.

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