MCU Phase 3 Villains vs MCU Phase 4 Villains

  1. Phase 4 villain’s probably, Ego is a living planet but nothing impressive about him other than that, Hela would be a problem but Wanda and Gorr can beat her, and Wanda’s apparently good against brawlers

  2. Both hela and ego are literally unkillable with the feats and statements to prove it (assuming the fight is not on their planets and their planets still exist).

  3. Hela was so powerful and virtually unstoppable that Thor decided to destroy Asgard in order to beat her. She presumably wasn’t even going all out til Surter appeared, and Odin had to banish her, not kill her due to her connection to Asgard.

  4. How does Gor scale to Hela when Gor couldnt even win thor 1v1 with storm breaker (at the start of the movie) and Hela scales way higher than Thor lol

  5. Agatha is super relevant, she was fighting Wanda more or less on even ground and lost only because she was inside Wanda's space and she casted runes. Being able to absorb magical energy and take it for herself is a really useful ability.

  6. If Hela only wins 70% of the time in a 1v1, then Wanda's allies aren't irrelevant, anything that slows Hela down can change a 7/10 to a 6/10 or even lower.

  7. Even numbers is my guess, plus GG was the primary antagonist; could throw in the Grandmaster and all of his Thor-neutering tech from Ragnarok too, but they didn’t.

  8. This is basically Wanda and Gor vs ego, Thanos, and Hela. Every other combatant is inconsequential, because the one (or ones) that come out of that can stomp the rest.

  9. Hela and Ego are the problems. Honestly tho phase 4 stomps. Wanda is durable and has good regen feats. And is powerful . Ikaris is just powerful too ig. Agatha is versatile. Wenwu with rings should be rlly powerful . Haven’t seen Love and thunder yet but apparently Gorr killed a lot of gods so he is powerful too. The rest don’t really matter. Fenris and Kaecilius could probably be taken down by Agatha and Ikaris

  10. Phase 4 because Scarlett Witch is in it. She would have taken over the entire universe had it not been for those two bratty boys

  11. Wanda is super overrated and to the same degree, people sleep hard on Hela. No Surtur? Hela wins. Piling Thanos and Kaecilius make it even more of a stomp.

  12. Well sense Thanos doesn't have the stones I guess Wanda can kill him with no/low Difficutly hense her power boost. Ikaris, Gorr and Wenwu are too much for Hela Fenris and Kaecelius so I guess Phase 4 wins even tho I expected phase 3 to win when I first read the post but Thanos has no stones, no Dormammu, so yeah they have nothing to do against Scarlet Witch and even Agetha providing backup for Ikaris Wenwu and Gorr.

  13. I think Thanos and Ikaris are pretty close in power scaling. They cancel eachother out. The weaker characters are irrelevant.

  14. There are 2 ways I see this going. Either Wanda pulls a "what mouth" and neutralises Ego and/or Hela, leveling the playing field, or Hela and Ego solo by catching Wanda and Gorr off guard. In the first scenario, Wanda takes out the 2 biggest threats with ease before being targeted by Kaecilius or Ghost. IN the first scenario the only characters on team Phase 4 with a chance after Gorr and Wanda are Wenwu and Ikaris, potentially Goblin to blow up the planet. The street level characters are basically useless, as they will just be slaughtered by Fenris, Thanos, Hela, Gorr and Wenwu respectively.

  15. Phase 4 for sure. MoM Wanda is super strong and Wanda in Endgame already hurt Thanos. MoM Wanda would wipe out half the villains on the other side. Ego is just a planet and if his brain was destroyed a damn bomb the Phase 4 villains can easily destroy his brains. Gorr is hella powerful along with Agatha. Gorr, Agatha and Wanda together solos everyone. And all Phase 4 villains could definitely take down Hela, Hela was killed by a planetary level explosions. Some of the Phase 4 villains can do more than that

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