Cosmic Garou retreats from 616 Earth(Marvel), and goes on an adventure to copy techniques, so he can return and win(Manga spoilers)

  1. I don’t know enough Jujutsu Kaiden or Bleach for Round 1. Ultra Insinct is a massive upgrade for garou and he could take out Sentry and maybe even Thor and Hulk. Round 3 I think Garou defeats the Marvel Universe.

  2. Pretty bold assumption. Saitama is vastly superior to Thor whether you buy him busting stars or not since sneezing away part of Jupiter is well beyond even Thor's best hammer strikes.

  3. If you read chapter 65 of Dragon Ball super it shows pretty clearly that you cannot copy UI with a copycat ability.

  4. He does this in every thread involving marvel or dc. I see him all the time. He’ll take scans that are either out of context or very poorly written ones that just completely go against the character. Then he’ll conveniently forget all the feats that prove how strong those characters are.

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