Is there any non Marvel or dc character who could solo both marvel and dc?

  1. For I am not part of the universe it’s rules do not define me I am small as I am large and both atoms and black holes can’t Eviscerate me

  2. You are right tho. If we were to fit in the comic/fictional verse, we would be the strongest. Like we write stories the other characters have to follow.

  3. So the dark tower is function of reality as I understand it. While it's fall would be disastrous for...everyone it's kind of like says gravity could solo a verse.

  4. Technically Davros, if he had the reality bomb. Just detonate it and the multiverse is gone so he wins.

  5. There are things beyond the multiverse, and there are like 1,000 characters that could destroy the bomb or transport it somewhere that would stop it from actually harming anyone.

  6. If it's God from the bible then probably not bro, not even joking. According to statements yeah he probably should be equal or stronger than TOAA, but going by feats he can be argued to not even be multiversal.

  7. Certain bullshit characters in the Suggsverse like Xeranthemum…….. Certain SCP’s……. Maybe, and I mean MAYBE Super Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann (STTGL), although the Mecha would more than likely get stopped by Mxy or the Living Tribunal.

  8. Suggsverse is just scp who cant take the piss,but it has several "OMNIPOTENT X10" characters who im pretty sure stomp both(despite how fucking atrocious it is).

  9. Shin Megami Tensei has a number of multiversal demons/gods like YHVH, Lucifer, and Mem Aleph (along with the protagonists that defeat them) that could do it.

  10. The doctor from doctor who could probably take round 1. He just assembles the key to time and removes everyone from existence. Even if he was trapped in the universe with no access to ourside resources like the key to time, he could still assemble a reality bomb and detonate it, wiping out every every single atom in the universe. However, agaimst omnipotents, like in round 2, he doesnt lmao.

  11. I’m not sure if he could take round 2 his feats I think are a bit all over like he’s said to be OP but people like full power darkseid, pre rector beyonder have far better feats than scarlet king

  12. If you disregard the omnipotent characters, then you still have the nigh omnipotent characters. This would require an omnipotent character to beat or someone more powerful.

  13. The White Light, Gan and Dis, Judy and the Fireman, Holy Imperium Viralborgia from Terra Hypnagogica, The Old Flesh, potentially Mercury from the Sisterverse, etc.

  14. Thought I'd never see that day when I could use this character here, because to be frank this entire franchise doesn't belong in battleboarding in general: Joker from Persona 5. I don't even think he's the strongest protagonist in the franchise, but he's up there. Quite causally multiversal. Would laugh off a Hakai from Beerus. He passively and unconsciously negated all of reality being rewritten around him.

  15. Against all of DC and Marvel? Idk, based on previous posts with Joker on this sub, people seem to scale him way stronger or weaker.

  16. Joker is not multiversal. Those gods have like no durability feats and Joker fights entirely in the mind realm. There’s no reason to believe it translates directly into the real world.

  17. She has Mid level reality Warping and fourth wall breaks with some meta understanding and would get killed by even Deadpool since he in the Deadpool Killogy killed his writers and artists she's not all that Impressive outside of her Universe comparing it to the bullshit that happens in Comics she would also get stomped by Adult Franklin Richards who was Creating Universes when he was like 6 years old

  18. Gan from Stephen King's verse could do it. Also, some people are posting characters that lose to low-mid tiers in both DC and Marvel. Like what is Itachi and Sephiroth gonna do to them? Come on now.

  19. Zeno from dbz? Dude can kill anyone in the entire dbz verse with a blink. But idk if that’s really fair lol

  20. Basically every marvel cosmic is more powerful than him and can do the exact same thing. So it’s a stomp in marvels favor. DBS is very weak compared to marvel.

  21. One punch man is debatable but in the lore he has infinite power and the only thing that can match infinity in infinity And that's everlasting fight

  22. Can any character actually beat the likes of marvels OAA? The living tribunal? Prodigy? Multiversal eternity? Classic beyonder?

  23. Beings like SCP 3812, The Witch Child and 3002 would stomp the Marvel and DC Universe.You think Marvel powerful characters are transcendent? Check out the teenager that got turned into a memetic entity so powerful it can exist inside of every living being's mind, or the little 8 year old girl that could reset multiverses a million times that affected even gods and omnipotent deities just by clapping her hands.

  24. Is there any point to this question? I feel like both these settings have power scaling way beyond the point where it's remotely meaningful, so it's just waving around arbitrarily large omnipotence-dicks.

  25. No, both Marvel and DC possess not only high-reality warpers and high-dimensional characters, but omnipotent characters.

  26. What? there's tons of characters in fiction that could erase both universes, just for an example scp 682 and 239 would make child's play out of them.

  27. I don't possibly see how. Even excluding all cosmic entities, you've still got hundreds of superbeings, some who can move faster than light, warp reality, shrug off nuclear blasts, throw people into space or send them into other dimensions. Pretty much every conceivable power there's someone who has it in DC or Marvel.

  28. Really depends on who is excluded. If it's everyone below the living tribunal (marvel) then prob not but if it's everyone who's not a platonic concept then maybe

  29. Platinum wings Accelerator could probably clear R1. Not sure on R2, that kinda sounds like a absurdly steep uphill battle considering my lack of knowledge on the depths of marvel and DC.

  30. Could King Spawn do it? He basically has unlimited power and can be resurrected at a ridonkulous rate. He could at least take a good chunk with him.

  31. That will likely only work for the universe he's in though, proven by how using that command doesn't kill everyone playing mc at that moment.

  32. Some contenders include strong toon force users (Popeye, bugs); some wanky scps, composite DBZ character, there are a several obscure anime characters I'm not overly familiar with that also are contenders.

  33. The reason every other answer beyond the actual god if he exists(and I think he does) is because soloing either verse is literally not possible by any other fictional being.

  34. My first thought is The Doctor with their Plot Powers. Whatever needs to happen in order for him/her to win, just happens. Doesn't matter if it breaks some established rule or anything.

  35. Part of me wants to say Giorno and GER, but Cosmo from Chainsaw man would be interesting. I just don't know the Dc or Marvel cast like that though. Is there anyone who could handle knowing everything in universe? Maybe a watcher?

  36. For round 1 I feel George (Jorge? I always mix them up) joestar has a good shot. I don't understand beyond very well but from what I know its essentially just the author of the story. As long as he believes in beyond and knows he's a character in a story he gets to win? Or shape it to his will? Imma be honest I haven't read the light novel and it's a weird power so correct me if I'm wrong but if I'm right he could win round 1

  37. Me thanks to SCP. I’ve written one SCP that’s still up, which in their universe makes me a god with complete omnipotence in any reality that’s fictional to me

  38. Kinda hard to say, seeing as both of them have two beings that are basically god. I know for a fact a few SCPs can do it, but I don't really care about them and it seems like a cop-out seeing as there is an SCP whose only property is that it is more powerful than anyone in fiction. Those aside, my best bet is probably Alien X, if he isn't enough then apparently according to author statements, there are one or more aliens in the Omnitrix that are more powerful, but are probably not going to be revealed.

  39. Kinda obscure but there is probably a wuxia character that can do it. Some of them have earth as a planet in lower or middle planes. It changes from novel to novel but anything in higher realm is much much stronger than anything from lower planes. Plus they generally become omnipotent in series end and they generally have some protection from most hax, they have stats to beat most bricks. Ji Ning from Desolate Era might do it just because that series has stupid measurements. Like a smallish city in a small kingdom in a small world in a small universe is 9321 kilometers long and 8910 kilometers wide. I am not reading it but Emperors Domination probably has multiple people can do it.

  40. Technically speaking, maybe a fully kitted soldier could. The most powerful things he has to fight are probably Henry Cavil and Chris Hemsworth, unless money is involved then probably Ben Affleck and Stan Lee.

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