Cosmic Garou lands in the Marvel universe(manga spoilers)

  1. I haven’t seen Multiverse of madness yet did they seriously call the universe 616? The whole time I was just assuming the cinematic universe was a universe that’s apart of the comic book marvel multiverse which honestly I would argue would be better than it just being an adaptation of 616.

  2. Easy, he shows up, wrecks havoc for a while, and then gets removed from existence by the living tribunal for being in the wrong multiverse entirely.

  3. Removed or sent back? I'm just wondering if OPM's God would come repo his powers back before they get deleted.

  4. Cosmic Garou was able to mimic somewhere around 85% of saitamas then current strength before rising to more power. Lord Boros most likely wasn’t even more then a percent of saitamas strength, and he had extinction levels of destructive energy. So Garou will casually beat anyone who is planetary and his radiation should kill most of non cosmic beings. I’d say he might stop at thor or hulk but he’s wrecking anyone below.

  5. I don't know where you get 85% from? Garou was confident he copied Saitama's punches at full power. Yes yes obviously he still couldn't keep up due to Saitama's own growth, but what's up with the 85%?

  6. Need to take into account Garou can blitz almost all the big hax users such as Wanda or Strange.

  7. Iron Man has some extremely powerful armors that are probably universe level so he could probably beat Garou buoy if not Thor and Hulk could get him. Outside of New York, there are even more powerful foes that could take him down but he is certainly extremely strong and many people will die.

  8. He can get somewhat far but but I have doubts he would be able to get the past heavy hitters like Hulk, Iron man (if you don’t believe me take a look at the god buster), Thor, Dr Strange, etc. Hell once Ghost Rider shows up it’s pretty much over because that penance stare is gonna whoop his ass.

  9. I think the big thing you’re missing is that garou can strategically copy any weaker hero’s power easily before attempting to fight the big dogs of earth. He could get Spider-Man’s spider sense, all of the fantastic 4s powers, wolverines regeneration ,and probably several other heroes I’m forgetting to mention. If Dr strange isn’t careful and takes him out immediately garou could probably learn magic as well. At that point it won’t just be garou trying to match hulks or thors strength but fighting them with their strength and the power of most New York heroes. I agree tho that penance state ggs him tho.

  10. And what if he landed somewhere rural or remote? Where it'd take time for the heavy hitters to take notice(just a hypothetical, ik that in reality people like Dr Strange or Iron Man would instantly notice an entire cities population drop like flies, the moment Garou shows up)

  11. I feel like garou could keep up with hulks rate of growth easier than he did with saitama. The biggest thing about garou is he is able to copy literally everything about someone, even their powers. He could literally copy a multitude of marvel heroes powers and then fight hulk with similar levels of strength and 100xs the versatility. Hell if he popped in the marvel universe I wouldn’t doubt that he could copy the cosmic energy

  12. I assume the fight would still be a blood bath, and many, many people would just die from their clashes, especially since each punch from Garou causes nuclear explosions

  13. Yikes. Does the upper end of Marvel take a super grimdark turn or something? This sounds like something straight out of 40K with Slaanesh.

  14. I'm just gonna say that Garou and Saitama punched each other to Io, Jupiter's moon. Not even at full power. Anyone who can't avoid being blitz kicked into the sun is entirely fucked.

  15. Cosmic Garou already gives off radiation that is lethal to all humans in the vicinity, so his mere presence is already wiping a huge swathe of people the moment he appears. He also already copied and mastered blasts technique and can cause nuclear explosions with a punch which he is completely unaffected by. He can instantly teleport enormous distances in an instant, going from IO to the sun, and then back to earths orbit in seconds, and that's not even the extent of his speed as he was shown to be able to attack multiple and even kill at least one cadre level monster in a few 1/100's of a second. Not to mention the fact that his speed clash with platinum sperm was so fast it appeared as light trails in the sky. But that's not even the icing on the cake as he can copy every move he sees, physically speaking, and perfect it but can also change modes to seemingly copy the power of individuals as well.

  16. In round one, I'm pretty sure the Sentry can handle Garou with little to no difficulty-- having a physical form that can die multiple times without meaningfully inconveniencing him, the ability to tell other people's atoms to stop sticking together, etc. combined with Hulk-level strength and durability, Prof. X + level telepathy, and a shit ton of esoterics (You can't BFR him, he's both massively FTL in travel and able to teleport)... I'm pretty sure he can physically beat the guy. Divine power is fine up and until you've got something w/ decent reality warping that scales above OPM's god.

  17. There is some Garou wank here(and some great points), but overall I like the post, because(I said this in an earlier comment), I love the idea that when Garou comes in and fights the Avengers. With people like Black Widow, Hawkeye, Spiderman and such simply dying by being in Garou's presence, while Hulk and Thor duke it out with Garou. At first the battle is in their favor and then Garou grows more and more, does the Odin Force come out?

  18. He gets stopped by the Baxter building or Avengers tower, or any random herald level character who resides in NYC. Or sentry might be casually in the area

  19. This just shows you haven’t read the manga at all. He took multiple punches from the guy who ripped open Jupiter with a sneeze and not to mention Garou and Saitama colliding their two serious punches destroyed multiple solar systems or possibly even galaxies(which is a theory). Cosmic Garou is at least stronger than planetary. He also can copy moves with one look of them. If you’re talking about comics I agree with you but not if you’re talking about MCU.

  20. Garou is incredibly strong. He was able to copy the strength of a character who went from normal sneezes to multi-planet busting sneezes because of their power increase. The absolute weakest versions of Garou and Saitama clashing

  21. Well, if he's actually able to wipe a lot of galaxies(and that wasn't at his strongest), he can copy any move he wishes to an extent(he copied Saitamas strength, speed and whatever else so he can match Saitamas serious punches). As mentioned before Saitama Serious-Sneezed Jupiter away, their clash wiped out several hundred stars(?), Galaxies(?). I agree that he'll be wiped in Marvel comics, the post was never about him winning, it was about how long he lasts. After seeing a few comments I like the conclusion that with Saitamas level of growth he can stalemate Thor or Hulk, which further proves him as a gigachad

  22. Not fair. He gets one tapped by most people in marvel. If he goes across hulk or iron man he’s fucked. If he goes across thor or odin he’s ultra fucked. If he comes across a celestial he’s ultra mega fucked. Marvel is just absurd in power levels.

  23. Anyone that isn't solar system buster will get destroyed. Pre Jupiter fight CG will win against planet busters, after the jupiter fight he will destroy anyone who isn't above Solar System level.

  24. Pretty much everyone just dies from the cosmic radiation. Only survivors would be people who are just gods, or maybe iron man, as he probably has a radiation proof suit/bunker somewhere.

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