Free For All - Superman vs Omni Man vs Hyperion vs Homelander vs Saitama vs Goku vs Brightburn vs Metro Man

  1. This has to be more specific, some massive power swings in these characters depending on the versions we are talking about. For example, Superman isn't just superman. His golden age version is infinitely more powerful than the post-crisis versions.

  2. Post crisis superman is stronger than golden age. He has the best feat/scaling of any Superman version to ever exist.

  3. Which version of these characters? Regardless, it all comes down to Goku vs Superman, Goku wins if Supes is in standard but from what I heard about his more OP versions, Superman sweeps at his peak

  4. Yeah if you take someone like Cosmic Armor Superman he could probably solo all dragon ball timelines by himself, including the non canon ones

  5. Metro-man also scales above Tighten, who lifted a giant skyscraper. I'm pretty sure that, paired with his speed, absolutely takes HL and BB.

  6. We actually don't know how strong Metro-Man is. His speed feats are above what Omni-man puts out, and we've never actually seen any limit to his durability or strength.

  7. 1- Goku and Superman. They both can be number 1 depending on the version you use. If you're using peak versions i believe Cosmic Armor Superman takes it. Xeno Goku has crazy feats but CAS is just literally "The living plot device. The doomsday machine. The one to end all threats to existence..."

  8. I think this is the best list here tbh. The more powerful Supermans (Supermens?) are fucking insane and anyone else here pales in comparison except Goku who, while putting up a fight, would come in second. Hyperion-Saitama are close. Could be a toss up tbh. Rest are definitely correct though.

  9. Depends on which version you use. Gokus feats and speed far outweigh the majority of most versions of superman. The only super man variants that would stomp goku are strange visitor and maaaybe prime one million and that one is a huge maybe.

  10. The link for Saitama is outdated. In the newest chapter Saitama sneezed the planet Jupiter away and he certainly can breathe in space as he had no problems while fighting Garou.

  11. Depends on which version of Supes really. If we’re talking movie or animated versions he’s formidable but still doesn’t have anything to match up to Goku or even Saitama after his feats in the recent OPM chapters. If it’s comic Supes that’s also kind of hard to quantify since there are versions ranging from strong as hell but not ludicrously OP to straight up outversal like CAS. However, let’s just say this is Post-Crisis/Rebirth Supes in which it comes down to him or Goku with Saitama maybe having a chance depending on how you quantify his power. If you take the statement that he consistently gets stronger depending on the strength of his opponent as valid in this situation then Saitama eventually gets strong enough to beat the other two. However if you limit Saitama to concrete feats then he still can’t quite match up to the absurd shit the others can do even tho I think he can put up a decent fight if you consider the Star destroying punch collision in chapter 167 as a valid feat. This also isn’t mentioning time hax from the latest chapter since idk how you can even really quantify that in a combat situation

  12. If we are using strongest versions then it’s superman by a long shot. If not then probably between Saitama, Goku, or superman

  13. Basically comes down to goku v superman if we go with superboy prime (prime one million is pretty vague is power as far as I can tell). That being said goku scales so high that I don't see superboy prime coming close once he goes MUI. Superboy prime could be argued to be around a few hundred universes of power but goku can be argued to around a few million universes of power through all the multipliers from his universal base form.

  14. Brightburn doesn't have enough feats to figure out his full power. Same with Saitama. Homelander is dead and sadly so is omniman. Hyperion is strong but nothing compared to Goku or Superman. Metroman is getting his shit rocked no offense. And as for who wins between goku and superman deathbattle already figured that our for us.

  15. Homelander: "Please.... please stop including me in these. It hurts so bad... I can't take being annihilated over and over again..."

  16. Depends on the version of superman. Superboy prime loses low-mid diff, and prime 1 million is stated to be the strongest superman so likely mid diff.

  17. Metro Man gets first, Superman comes in second, then Omni Man, followed by Hyperion, then goku and saitama, and lastly homelander and bright burn

  18. Superman stomps badly. He one shot the world forger. No it wasn’t a “amp” he always has access to solar radiation. And no goku doesn’t beat him. If you look at base Superman’s bullshit feats you’d know.

  19. It was an amp. Superman always has access to solar radiation, but it's filtered through earth's atmosphere and he's far away from it, meaning he receives less. A direct dip in the sun means far more access than usual. Besides,

  20. Tighten is the main villain of Megamind, a man named Hal Stuart given the powers of Metro Man by Megamind. while his name should be Titan, he is an idiot and in one scene writes out "Tighten" in the ground with his laser vision, so that is what he is officially referred to as.

  21. Superman Omni man and Hyperion almost immediate death. Why are they even in this category? Superman isn’t the most powerful in his race or in his universe it just seems like that because he often fights people not even close to their weight class, and Omni man isn’t even the most powerful in his species, he is powerful but he’s mostly treated as a foot soldier and doesn’t have that high a rank in power, Homelander I assume will survive for a few moments before it gets serious because of pure cowardice but only if he has information beforehand, Metro man might be able to survive but I doubt he can win, I only think he can survive because of his speed but saitama can counter that, as for brightburn I don’t know him, but he’ll only survive if he can get on the same level of power as Goku, the latest chapter of one punch man confirms due to saitama’s limitless power even Goku will have a tough time competing with him, and considering he’s probably a gag character he might win regardless just cuz his strength comes from that fact the plot requires him to be strong

  22. Well if we go by strengths it's this. Composite Goku>Composite Superman>>>>MUI Goku>>>>Saitama>>>Base Post Crisis Superman>>Omni Man>Metroman>/=Brightburn>Homelander.

  23. Unless the other guys team up, Superman wins. He has God knows how many feats of flying halfway across universes in very short periods, he's toe to toed Darkseid who's a casual universe buster (even though Superman loses those fights more often than he wins, it's still impressive), he's tanked shit from Mordru, the Void Hound, Mageddon, he fucking PULLED MAGEDDON. He tanked the Source Wall exploding in his face and that shit's hyperversal. He can hold black holes in his hand. He has punched out sentient universes. With sun dipping, which yes, is an amp, but an amp he can give himself basically at will, he's tanked the big bang and similar feats. I'm not even bringing up the "one shot God and hyperverse-busted while rewriting his own comic" thing because that required a sixth-dimensional sun so he can't replicate it at will.

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