Gorr The God Butcher (616) vs Zeus(DC), Shazam (God of Gods) and Superman (Post Crisis)

  1. Has Gorr actually shown anything to put him on the level of a Skyfather/Pantheon leader? I know he beats Old Thor but Old Thor was so old and weak that he could barely fight anymore. We have no reason to believe he's on Odin's level, who has no-diffed standard Thor before.

  2. In all honesty, people scale him to skyfather, but I get way. Yes, Thor was old, but age doesn't mean anything when your an all-father. I think Odin was older or the same age as King Thor at the time when he fought Thanos and Galactus, and he was still kicking ass. I think Gorr was just that powerful. But whether he's more powerful than Zeus or not is up for debate. Zeus and Shazam here are both essentially skyfathers(since Shazam defeated a Skyfather and has the power of one) and Superman would be around present Thors power level.

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