A Thanksgiving tradition continues

  1. is that the dude who got a text from some sweet old couple thinking it was a family member asking about thanksgiving and he ended getting invited anyways

  2. They clearly need to have a kid to fill in the picture. I want this going for another 45 years, with random people not understanding why random people are eating on thanksgiving together

  3. She text the guy holding the painting some years ago by accident inviting him to dinner, they ended up actually doing it and carried on every year since

  4. I love this. If memory serves, the wife was widowed during the pandemic. Is that his significant other? They're beautiful together. This is one of me favorite stories.

  5. Every year I look forward to your thanksgiving update and photos. I reread the story of your first thanksgiving together every year too. Thanks to all involved for being a bit of pure joy in this world.

  6. Try not to look at the Dench's 42 years together that ended with one of them dying as incredibly sad. Death happens. They made thousands more happy memories.

  7. Nah, mate, look at it as she had 42 years with someone so wonderful that it made saying goodbye so hard. And she has her family and Thanksgiving friends to support her; she’s not alone.

  8. The older lady on the left accidentally sent the guy in the middle a text with an invitation to Thanksgiving dinner. She had texted the wrong number but still invited him. And has invited him every year since. In the interim he is cleaned himself up a little bit, and gotten a girlfriend apparently, and the woman's husband died. Every year they post this and every year the internet celebrates.

  9. A long time ago, woman on the left accidentally invited the guy in the middle to Thanksgiving dinner due to a wrong number. He accepted anyway and they've been doing Thanksgiving together ever since

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