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  1. Here in Germany the conservative party has prohibited same sex marriage from becoming legal. Just a sentence by the federal constitutional court forced them to legalize it...

  2. We know that certain truths are not self evident to them and that their failure to understand those certain truths you and I hold to be self-evident is as large as their desire to be scorned.

  3. Just don’t understand what took them so long. The side that’s supposed to be for it had enough majorities in the past to get it done. Hopefully this will be a chance for some republicans to flip their idea on it and promote more love. It would definitely help everyone out going forward

  4. The way it was explained to me is leaving Supreme Court precedent as the reason something is considered constitutional is generally better than trying to get it through Congress, unless it is going through Congress as an actual amendment to the constitution (this is not).

  5. Wasn’t really necessary before, as the Supreme Court had already ruled on this. But with the court going back on some progressive decisions (Roe, mainly) it is feared that gay marriage may be next.

  6. bro who is fucking opposing it, i shouldn’t be constantly hearing about it, it should just be “yea it‘s legal” why these governments be like this!

  7. I don’t understand why it even needs to be voted on. If two, or three or however many people love each other let them marry, hell let them buy a hippopotamus if that’s what they want. All the real issues in the world and there’s really people worried about whether John and Joe should be allowed to be married. It’s crazy.

  8. I dunno why people and politics are still arguing about this. Why can't people just live their lives how they want? Sad to live in a world where people can't love whoever they want...

  9. I honestly don't see the point. Its covered under article 4 of section 1 of the constitution with "full faith and credit", seems like making an entirely new law to cover something thats already taken care of is just pandering. The government enumerating things that are specifically allowed by the law allows for the future argument that something isnt explicitly covered under the law and therefore illegal. The government should not be in the business of marriage anyways, so this is a strange thing all the way around.

  10. Too bad that’s not what is actually IN the bill. It’s about using the IRS to attack any religious organization that doesn’t agree with same sex unions. So, at its heart, the bill is about religious persecution. 99.9% of Americans don’t care if gay folks get married. My gay uncle is married. It’s about forcing everyone to agree with a singular viewpoint.

  11. Cause there's a commonly spread image following a format of some kind. This being an "advice animal" type of meme, popularized by meme formats like "advice dog" and "philosoraptor" they're an older format but are still somewhat popular today. Hope this helps!

  12. Here's a permanent solution. How about we just keep the government out of personal stuff like marriage? It's supposed to be between consenting adults. There shouldn't be any laws regarding marriage at all

  13. I vote republican but I have always voted for same sex marriage......I feel like THEY are trying to tear US apart..I WANT TO BE ABLE TO SMOKE WEED AND OPEN CARRY MY GUN AT MY GAY FRIENDS WEDDING

  14. Why do you want to open carry at a wedding? It’ll ruin the flow of your suit or dress! Concealed under the arm or on the thigh is better.

  15. I don’t agree with the gun thing specifically. However I do agree that people should vote based on the issues, not the party.

  16. you claim to support gay marriage but only vote for the party who's aggressively anti gay? You don't actually care about gay people

  17. This doesn't do a damn thing. It allows states to nullify gay marriage and doesn't require them to recognize them if they are performed in another state.

  18. Yeah the senate thing is cool but seeing lil 16 homophobe redditors melting over a SpongeBob meme is enough to make me rest happy tonight

  19. i never understood why some people are so against others having rights. didnt jesus say not to bug others or something?

  20. Frankly I dont think the government should be alloud to make any decision on marriage. It's a religious ceremony and practice it should be left up to the church of each respective religion.

  21. No, its a legal ceremony, political marriages and marriages in exchange for gold or land predate religious marriage by milennia

  22. they should do this long time ago tho. theres nothing wrong about same sex marriage thats their life. as long as they still go on the same toilet , dont complain about maam/sir thing and start dissecting kids. theres nothing wrong about gays and lesbian.

  23. You really just jumped from a normal thing to a slightly annoyance conervatives blow out of proportion to a serial killer mentality.

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