Most valuable currency on the face of the earth

  1. I didnt take a close look and assumed it was ecstasy. Then I read “ice cream truck” and was horrified with my mind racing. Was pleasantly surprised by the outcome despite having seen this post before

  2. Why is there like 29 mentions of Seth Rogen on this thread and everyone spell it as "Rogan", is there some inside joke I'm not getting?

  3. This is a screenshot of a tweet. The original poster is the person who made the tweet, credited in the screenshot.

  4. Everyone says knock off Seth Rogan but honestly Seth rogan looks like a knock of this guy to me. I think I'd rather be friends with an ice cream man that accepts unique rocks as currency.

  5. That belongs in a trophy collection. That girl will go far, in life, if she can negotiate a deal like that at her age. Someday, you can point to the rock and say you knew her when. Maybe you should get her to autograph it.

  6. You don't mention giving her an ice cream so I have to assume you stole her rock. Never trust a Seth Rogan lookalike with war painted cat faces on their t-shirt.

  7. I recently bought a small smoothie stand in my hometown and it's all worth it when a kid literally jumps for joy over something so small. Good on you!

  8. "Hey, pal... we're with the uhm... 'Prudent Insurance Company'. Just dropped by to let you know that's a really nice rock you got there. It would be a real shame if something 'happened' to it."

  9. Mr. White Coin is on the rise, so I would laugh at this man. On the right day, he might never need to work again. That girl was a saint

  10. i bet shes got a whole bags of blue rocks her mom bought at the dollar store. And she goes around trying to trade them for things just like in Zombieland 2 with that bag full of rings.

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