Love at first sight

  1. Should it? It’s a central concept to the character, and even if you’re not familiar with him, it’s explained in the very first episode of the show, very quickly

  2. Ignoring that he's an assassin for an ancient god, a poly relationship with 3 people in the same body is kinda wholesome.

  3. Not 100% sure a guy with Dissociative Identity Disorder enslaved by an Egyptian god to be his personal hitman counts as "wholesome"

  4. I love how this subreddit connects everyone through uplifting themes rather than connecting with despair and notions that nothing will change for you resulting in perpetuating depression. A lot of my depressive thinking had that as the root at least, that I’m not capable of change because of my circumstances, but replacing the bad with the good and realizing your power and ability like everyone else will make things start to look bright :)))

  5. Does that make the reader of this meme Jake? Or Steven? Also Could Steven and Jake marry different women? Layla works just be married to Marc. I know Steven is in love with her, but which would be weirder, Layla married to Marc and Steven, or Marc married to Layla and Steven married to someone else?

  6. The tags make this problematic because assuming we treat each personality as a separate person, rather than sharing a body, Mark is the husband, but none of the other ones can apply to “first love” lol bc she met Mark before any of the personalities, and I don’t believe the marriage was loveless lol

  7. Given what’s shown In the show, and assuming that these 3 tags do properly apply to the characters, that would be the only way to make it fit, by assuming she fell in love w Jake before marrying mark lmao

  8. When a woman sleeps with both your identical brothers and ends up married to one of them and you just over there Lone Wolfing it.

  9. All the girls I liked either abused and/or manipulated me or turned me down... I think I'm meant for the single life.

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