In terms of bang for your buck, this bottle is a banger

  1. As much as I love rye I find it really hard to just sip on. I think I can’t handle rye without it being in a cocktail or served with seltzer water

  2. On my list, haven't come across it yet. Have you had any of the James Pepper Ryes? Even the 1776 rye is a hell if a deal, but their SiB JP is amazing!

  3. Oh it do be slappin. That was my first “special occasion” bottle. Got lucky enough to win a raffle that enabled me to grab it at MSRP from my local. If only it were easier to procure at that price regularly!

  4. Any positive mention of JW other than Green on this sub and you start getting downvoted. Black was the scotch that got me into whiskey in the first place. A staple for sure

  5. Maybe an unpopular opinion, but I didn’t enjoy it. It’s okay, but not really as spicy or bold a flavor as I was expecting for a “double rye”

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