Ian washed a bunch of weird stuff up on my lawn. Key west, Florida

  1. I don't know how to put this but I'm kind of a big deal. People know me. I'm very important. I have many leather-bound books and my apartment smells of rich mahogany

  2. He’s actually Australian cattle dog and catahoula hound. He’s got mostly albino features, and is completely deaf. He’s a real Special guy.

  3. Key west is super small…but also sees two oceans. The Atlantic side got absolutely destroyed. I’m on the gulf side

  4. This looks similar however is not sapodilla. These are hard, oblong and not edible. Sapodillas just finished fruiting for the year

  5. This is from a highly toxic manchineel tree. Pretty much this plant will try to kill you . Put it down and dont let your dog near it. Do not burn it, even smoke from this tree can kill you

  6. Very much unrelated but- is your pup deaf? I’m only asking because of his coat/eye color. He looks like a very good boy either way 🥰

  7. Wabbaladootle seeds and stem. They grow in the Bermuda region believe it or not. Those babies traveled a long way to make it to your yard. They’re dangerous to the touch. You should wash your hands very well. Keep away from the dogs. Also very rare in terms of public handling but highly coveted in different science communities because of its ability to make people hungry. Used in some medicines. I recommend either preserving them in a ziplock bag and damp paper towels. Take it over to your local plant nursery/sanctuary. Lots of east coast businesses will be happy at the opportunity to raise one of these plants for research. Or just chop it up and trash them. Either way it’s something to handle carefully. Also this is all false so don’t take it personal if I wasted your time today.

  8. Tell me about it. I found a small branch from a tree down the street in one of my potted plants. The potted plants were hiding behind our shrubs. How it got in there I can't imagine.

  9. Mahogany are awesome. We would have fun breaking the seed pods when we were kids. I believe the largest habitat in FL would be Key Largo in the undeveloped woods. Lots of them and Gumbo Limbo.

  10. Yes let’s go. His name is Chucho, he is a rescue from Jacksonville Florida. He is an Australian cattle dog mixed with catahoula hound, however he’s albino and completely deaf. We communicate with sign and he is the best

  11. PSA to try and combat the incredible amount of misinformation in the comments - garlic and avocado are completely safe for dogs.

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