Texas city, TX looks like a baby watermelon but they don’t get any bigger than this

  1. It’s cucurbita texana. It’s a native relative of the pumpkin family. Here’s a link. Ignore these other jabronis calling it anything else

  2. Is this similar to Maypops? I’m from Georgia and they will grow in gardens sometimes and the pod looks kinda similar, they have beautiful blooms though

  3. Isn’t it commonly referred to as a a curcumelon? Basically just a little cucumber that’s sweeter than usual and looks like a watermelon… (I’m asking because I’m not sure… AND I’m NOT a jabroni…)

  4. People should listen to you because you’re right, but they just wanna be like “LeMoN cuCuMber!” And “cuCAmELOn!”

  5. that's what they are, cucurbita foetidissima (stinking melon, buffalo gourd). the one in op's post might be the plant you're talking about, or might be the closely related cucurbita texana (texas gourd)

  6. Like, regular old milk? Never heard of that before but i'm curious to hear more about it since the mildew pops up on my basil and mint periodically, but basil does not like the neem oil I use on the mint to get rid of it

  7. Milk & Water!!?! … I’m deffo trying this! If this works in Northern England I’m forever in your debt lol .. hoping we get some decent sunshine soon tho… 🤔🤞🏼

  8. Can confirm, this 100% works! I used this as an organic treatment when I grew cannabis in Colorado. I couldn’t believe it worked.

  9. I use a drop of dishwashing soap, and a teaspoon of baking soda in a 16oz spray bottle with water. It works wonders.

  10. I’m a Texas City resident … live close to the Dike (The Texas City Dike is the longest man-made fishing pier in the world, stretching 5.3 miles into Galveston Bay.)

  11. yea they look like cucamelons but these have bigger fruit and the plants they come from are smaller. cucamelons also dont grow super well north if the nueces bc of the colder days. These gourds also aren’t edible unless they’re at a certain ripeness. theyre not edible when they look like giant cucamelons.

  12. Many curcubits can cross pollinate. I think they all can but it is a certain type that includes many types of plants. Zucchini, some pumpkins and certain squash. Probably more.

  13. Ok, here is the answer. To anyone saying it’s a cucamelon — it’s not! To anyone saying it’s a lemon cucumber — it’s not! To people saying it’s buffalo gourd (cucurbita foetidissima), you’re close and may be right. However, since this is from where it is I’m Texas, it’s likely “Texas gourd” (cucurbita texana).

  14. Definitely a lemon cucumber. I’ve been growing them for the past 5 years. Totally look like the yellow one. Prime picking is right when they change color before they look like the second pic.

  15. It looks like this indian plant melon called dosakai, like watermelon and cucumbers they’re in the same family

  16. How do they taste or is it edible…..or do I know yet? Or should I have read the comments first?

  17. DO NOT EAT unless it’s bright yellow orange on the outside. I’m from South Texas. Those are weeds basically. They’re not planted and they’re probably leftover from watermelon farming. If you cut it open, it should kinda look and smell like a cucumber. It will basically work like a natural fkn laxative if you eat it when it looks like a mini melon or when it’s green. (I dont understand anything technical, this is just what farmers told me when i asked wtf mini melons were doing on the walking path)

  18. I’m not sure about Texas flora, but in Missouri we have a similar gourd called the buffalo gourd! They look like little watermelons, and every flash flood we find tons of dried ones washed up on the creek.

  19. Pretty sure that’s a cucurbita californica or “coyote melon”! They’re incredibly bitter and sadly inedible (to humans, at least). Cute to see, though!

  20. Cucamelons are the size of thumbnails, def not those. I wonder if they are lemon cucumbers that were cross pollinated by watermelons?

  21. I’ve grown lemon cucumbers and the color looks exactly like what I was growing, but mine had tiny soft spiky exterior.

  22. Definitely a CUCUMBER!!!!! I DIDN'T "SEE" the 2nd pic til some posted it in the sub. You have lemon cucumbers. I have grown them accidentally too, thought my cuke plant had a problem lol

  23. Reminds me of a Cucumis sativus, the Mexican Sour Gherkin, or the cucamelon—where I grew up we call them “cugnuts”. But I’m not sure that’s what it is—the foliage suggests a member of Cucumis.

  24. They are everywhere here. I call them Buffalo Gourd. They are related to pumpkins and they stink if you break them open.

  25. Can’t remember the exact name but are edible when green WARNING do not eat when red or purple or any other color than green they develop a powerful laxative that can put you in the hospital if digested, used to have these where I lived

  26. May pops I call em here in Georgia. Passion flower might be the correct name. As a small child everyone in our neighborhood loves to battle with them. Mi

  27. Mexican cucumbers. Also called Mexican sour gherkin. Also called a Cucamelon vine because of their resemblance to a watermelon. Very prolific vining plant. I grow them in my garden.

  28. Looks like a pocket melon! We planted some a few years ago, but they didn't get as yellow. They are small melons that were used not for eating, but to display in your house.

  29. I’m not sure but the leaves look like a pumpkin plant. Watermelon (at least the ones that I’ve grown) have thinner longer leaves and are not as broad as pumpkin leaves. Pumpkins also look like watermelons when they’re first starting out. As someone else pointed out, it looks like you got mildew so that may be stunting growth

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