Went for an evening stroll along some local tide pools. Trying to enjoy the view when I feel something tickling me. These little dudes were CLEANING my legs! I’ll never forget it! Jeju-do, South Korea.

  1. I’m the dude who saved that rhino beetle from those drunken bullies, so I was wondering if this was Mother Nature’s way of saying “Cheers.”

  2. Hope you have a good time in jeju!! I’m also visiting here for the first time. Wasn’t lucky enough to have the shrimp cleaning experience you did though 🤣

  3. Right. I was like “Aw, they’re cleaning me!” But now I’m like, “If stayed long enough they’d be down to strip me clean if they could.”

  4. I used to hate. But I’ll never go back. Dog walks, beach walks, gardening. I’m in my late 30’s so it’s time to cut the fashion crap; utility/comfort over looking cool every time. They’re great and I’m tired of pretending they’re not!

  5. Here in Ireland if you stand in the same place for q while in the sea these lil guys and other lil fish will do this to u, be warned though after a while crabs also come to investigate. You have been warned

  6. Haha when I was a kid we'd put the lawn chairs on the shallow beach and let the fish spawn feed on the dead skin of our feet. Kind of feels good, heard some spas do this on purpose.

  7. When I was a kid we'd sometimes swim/play in a stream that went through the 'hood. It had small fishies in it (we just called them "minnows", no idea what species - NE USA) and they'd sometimes come around and 'clean' your legs like this if you stood still. There were also crayfish aplenty but they had no interest in socializing.

  8. They do yup. Unfortunately, it's *really* unsanitary in most cases and they tend to abuse the fish. Starving them to make them more nibbly and the like. The way y'all did it is the best way and something I'd like to try!

  9. From location, these are probably glass shrimps in the genus Palaemon. Further specification of species would require an expert and a really good photo close up.

  10. There were beauty shops in Washington state doing this that had to quit because they couldn't prove it was sanitary, even though the fish were changed between customers. And there is a place south of The Great Salt lake before you get to the Walmart warehouse that has big wells with salt water fish. People go there to get their salt water certification scuba chits. Was there when a High School group from Wyoming came to visit. One of the girls sat on the edge and a swarm of little fish came and were cleaning her feet. The attendant said as long as you're there, feed the sharks. There was some kind of signal given and two nurse sharks came up and she gave them fish under the direction of the attendant. Thought it was cool.

  11. A few years ago, I was watching a travel show (Anthony Bourdain?) that was set in an Oriental country. I don't remember where. What I do remember, is part of it included a visit to a local spa where the host got to have a relaxing day. One of the spa's treatments included a foot soak in a shallow pool. This pool contained tiny little fish. These little fish sole purpose was to clean the dead skin off of the feet that came into their environment.

  12. Not to be that guy but "Oriental" isn't a word that should be used anymore. Unless you're talking about an Oriental rug. Then it's ok...

  13. I get these in Wales too. Love it, I could literally sit in the rock pools with these guys for hours, it's almost like meditation

  14. I love shrimps. Growing up we spent our summers in Nova Scotia and we used to call the really tiny shrimps in the ocean ‘ticklefish’

  15. Shrimps! I used to have a fish tank with decorative shrimp and I loved when they would clean my hands while I was cleaning their tank :) their little hands feel like tiny little velcro kisses

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