what kind of bug is this ?? I have seen it first time in my life.

  1. Just had exactly this beetle in this sub yesterday, but that poor guy got in a bar fight in Korea. Seemed to come out of it OK, though.

  2. Well first of all, just by the looks of it, he is not dynastinae but Scarabaeidae. That usually means that he is some sort of dung beetle. The dynastinae is the family of rhino beetles, which includes the japanese rhino, european rhino etc.

  3. Geographic location : Pune, India Size : around 4-5 inch Other information: It was just walking across the floor. No particular behavior. It is rainy season over here so we do come across a lot of bugs during this season however I have never seen this one before.

  4. It's certainly some kind of rhinoceros beetle, this is what they do, just walk pretty slowly. They can also fly, but not very well. They like to eat fruits and flower pollen. Beetles like this are very popular pets for kids in Japan and other countries. :)

  5. Very cool! Btw if you are interested in these guys then Doug Emlen does very interesting research on them and has an excellent popular science book called 'Animal Weapons' where he writes about the evolution of weaponry across the animal kingdom. It's very good and a fun read!

  6. I need this video with that “happy, happy guy. Just look at that happy guy” sound from tiktok played over it lol

  7. I don’t know, but I really like his home-He walks like a dignified old man who served in the Great War

  8. That was my first thought, but with two horns, placed like a mustache? I’m only familiar with rhinos with one horn.

  9. Yeah. That’s Harry 100% Harry is the coolest kid in the club, always. Harry likes to chill out and stroll the streets like one of the big kids. One day he wants to be like his dad.

  10. The perspective on this video making him look huge cracked me up and idk why lol. I love this. Also, I think it's a kind of rhinoceros beetle.

  11. It looks like he might’ve lost a leg at some point and maybe the regrowth needs another molt cycle?

  12. Rhinoceros beetle, they’re really strong for their size and you can keep them in a matchbox and have them sumo wrestle each other in a circle you draw in the dirt during recess.

  13. A rhino beetle! They use to feed on palm trees, very common in Brazil, even though its origin is from Asia... 🪲🪲

  14. Part of me wants to say, "Have you never watched Bugs Life!?" and the other is going, "Heracross, i choose you! "

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