Had to rescue this beaut from a group of drunk idiots kicking it around. He’s in pretty rough shape. Assholes :( Jeju-do, South Korea.

  1. Sorry out of topic but I can't help but remember Our Blues drama that was set in Jeju. I never thought I'd enjoy slice of life genre but it was one of the best dramas I've seen.

  2. In the wonderful world of Mythology fantasy novels and anime you just won yourself a guardian spirit. If children's morality Tales taught me anything. You never know when the old homeless man is a wizard or the little beetle is a deity in disguise. Or better yet it's a beetle wizard.

  3. I once watched my drunk (now ex) boyfriend punch a large luna moth that had landed on the wall of a building outside at a wedding reception. He obviously obliterated it. He did it for no other reason than being an idiot. I have to say that that behavior contributed to our break up.

  4. When you find an injured insect like this, is it okay to try and rehabilitate them (or keep them as a pet in a safe environment if they can't fully recover?), or is it like birds where that's almost never going to work out well for the animal unless you're a professional?

  5. I’ve been taking in Hercules beetles that I keep finding outside my workplace. I worry that people will intentionally step on them if I leave them on the sidewalk. I have four of them now and they’re doing rather well, one has been in my care for more than 6 weeks

  6. I don't know about insects like beetles, but I got a severely injured butterfly about a month ago. He had one wing stuck in his chrysalis, which he was hanging out of, and his wings hadn't expanded - plus, ants had eaten four of his legs. I managed to save him and take him in, and he gets a little leaf bed, lots of flowers and fresh sugar water three times a day. He can't walk and will never fly, but when you put him in the sun, he flaps his little wings for all he can and I think it makes him happy. He's a male Common Crow Butterfly, and I've named him Gerald :)

  7. I know nothing about rehabbing bugs (or any other animal for that matter) but at my place of work, I’m known as the girl who will pick up stunned birds and move them to a safe place/make sure they’re okay and if they’ve passed I move them under a tree because it feels more respectful than leaving them on a sidewalk.

  8. Birds, mammals, reptiles all can get very stressed in captivity and require specialized care so it’s risky to both yourself and the animal to try to care for it instead of taking it to a professional. Most bugs don’t face those same challenges.

  9. I don't know anything about taking care of insects or arachnids, but I do know that you're a kindhearted person. You're amazing!! I wish you lots and lots of good health!

  10. For the tarantula case it would be alright if you know the species and know it's requirements. Like whether it needs moisture or deeper substrate etc. For the most part it would work out well, basically if it's injured but not dying, waiting till it molts will often fix a lot of physical injuries such as broken legs. So it is okay but just get to know the species a little bit before hand. You probably did a good thing imo.

  11. Well the great thing about the internet is you can type a search online and find just about any information you may need. I’m not being snarky either.

  12. Bugs are probably fine especially in comparison to birds given the fact that the reason it's such a big deal for birds is because, among other things, nestlings and fledglings have very specific nutrition requirements that can turn into lifelong deficiencies and diseases (like metabolic bone disease) within days of improper nutrition, as well as needing to be fed in a specific way to avoid choking, and kept at the right temperature for nestlings. Another huge one is that injured birds are very likely to be victims of cats, which need to be treated by a professional due to bacteria in cat saliva that can be deadly for birds very quickly, or they might have suffered neurological damage from an impact that wouldn't be treatable by a layman. I can't imagine insects are running into these particular problems with care from someone with a reasonable idea of what they're doing

  13. Depends on the species. These are commonly kept as pets, but they are usually captive bred. I myself would probably keep one that was injured beyond repair, so that I could pin the specimen after it passed away. But to each their own. In general, it is a bad idea to remove animals from where you found them.

  14. rhino beetles usually don't need to fly to find a mate especially ones that are these heavy. i think it would be able to crawl to a female's tree if left in a forest where they are abundant (usially i would search up the species in iNaturalist to release it in an appropriate habitat). but rehabbing insects does work if you know what you are doing. I've heard of people rehabbing female moths with messed up wings (they can still attract males with chemicals) and getting them to lay eggs. it's dependent on whether you can provide proper food and shelter to the insect and if the damage isn't fatal.

  15. That’s adorable, and I’d say that’s morally ok. Shoutout to all the tarantulas you rescued, you’re a true

  16. sometimes spiders feign death when they're really scared. they won't eat until every sign of danger has passed, even walking past their cage will frighten them so I'd rather just leave them outside in safe habitat where they can slowly come to their senses. but good on you for saving them!

  17. You want to make sure your insect buddies have a safe spot to recuperate. Some of them need a bit more work insofar as temps. Luckily in todays day and age, you can google the bare necessities and try to do a home rehab. Sadly outside of museums and universities you’re not likely to find an actual entomology rescue.

  18. Yeah didn’t see any leakage so that was good. The legs were a bit stiff, but the thing was so dang heavy I figured that’s how it typically walked around.

  19. That’s what I reckon. Though don’t say that to the locals. It’s a Korean Rhinoceros Beetle all the way hehe. Put the guy on a tree bc Heracross. Best not to shake it!

  20. Recently collected a beautiful reddish-brown stag beetle specimen I thought had drowned, with the intent to pin it. It had apparently been sitting in the water for three days. I popped the guy in a container with some rice so he’d dry out.

  21. Why on earth would anybody feel the need to attack any animal?! It's a beetle for god's sake!! Have a look at it, appreciate how cool it is and then go on about your day.

  22. Once while leaving a first date I saw the biggest praying mantis ive ever seen leaned down amazed and said oh my god! Right then the guy stepped on it!!! I was like WTF and left. No second date for him and ive never forgot about it!! It was huge, like the really long kid that look like a stick!! I had only seen smaller green ones in person and i love praying mantis.

  23. You're a good person. What a beautiful beetle! I can relate to you feeling like you might have took on more than you'd be realistically capable of as years ago as teen I heard commotion outside my window and when I looked out my blood boiled. A handful of other kids my age were holding up a kitten by it's tail, jerking it around teasing a huge dog who was wanting to do more than play. I don't know if the dog was just aggressive like that or the kids riled it up. I grabbed a bat I had sitting around and went out with my mother behind me trying to get me to calm down. Thankfully the idiots let the kitten go, the dog was too concerned with me to care, and though the kids thought I was hilarious, they went off and I went back in. Probably didn't get my ass handed to me cause of my mom being present.

  24. I will NEVER understand how some human beings will go out of their way to hurt and kill innocent animal life. That beetle has a right to live just as much as everything else.

  25. I once tried to save a lizard inside a cracker barrel. Idk why but I grabbed a glass to pick it up with and as I tried to cup it up, he flinched and I pinned him in half; prematurely ending his life, I'm sure. That was 11 years ago and I can still picture it. To this day I hesitate to try to move animals so fragile even though I know staying indoors will def cause their demise.

  26. I'm not gonna lie. I'm terrified of large insects and beetles when they are in my house. Seeing a cockroach makes me wretch while I try to kill it. But this is obviously different. Like I couldn't possibly kill this thing and they apparently don't even bite or sting. But I would absolutely struggle to get close enough to catch and release.

  27. OMFG if that was me i’d do the same and would be ready to fight 4 drunks. 🥲🥲🥲 I love them they are so cute and always makes me think of the Pokémon. 😌😌 So happy you saved it and I hope it will be doing well now. 😢😢😢 thank you for saving the little one.

  28. These are my absolute favorite insects/bugs/beetles of all time, or at least the species that look like him. Could anyone tell me exactly what they are called?

  29. Arthur Schopenhauer (a German philosopher and teacher) once said "Jeder dumme Junge kann einen Käfer zertreten. Aber alle Professoren der Welt können keinen herstellen." which translates to "Every stupid boy can stomp on a bug but not even all Professors in the world can MAKE a bug". It's so sad that so many humans don't care about the beauty of creation (or nature, whatever you believe in) and even go as far as violently killing animals for fun.

  30. Seeing the damage to the wings breaks my heart ;_; I can’t understand how people could be so cruel so something so completely harmless. Are you going to keep the poor baby since it won’t be able to fly anymore?

  31. Heck yeah OP! You’re awesome! I would do the same thing as you. There aren’t a lot of people in this world who hold life sacred. Thanks for being you, we need more people like you

  32. I'm glad you saved him. I, a woman, always use the "question your manhood" approach when I see someone killing/abusing little things.

  33. I have a distinct memory of growing up in South Korea in middle of Seoul in the 80s. I think I was in kindergarten, and in place called Mok Dong. They just built the Apartment complexes and there were still quite a bit of trees around, and at certain time of the year, a LOT of dragonflies came out. As a preschooler, I was obsessed with catching one barehanded (you sneak upon them when they have landed, and catch their wings with your 2 fingers) and was quite successful at it, but always let them go after. This one time, I see a older kid (maybe 1 year older then me, in 1st grade) with a butterfly net, chasing them and trying to catch them in front of me. I approach and say "Hi! Are you catching dragonflies?" And he says yes and we both catch them for next 15 minutes together.

  34. I would have done the same! Just found an injured mouse at my workplace, snuck it into a box and took it home to recuperate. I know my workplace uses glue and snap traps so I'm sure they wouldn't be happy that I saved him but at least they didn't find out until the next day when he was safely at my house!

  35. I met a young kid roadside in rural Thailand with one of these giant beauties tied to a piece of sugar cane stalk, offering to sell it to a passing tourist. I bought it and let it go down the road a bit.

  36. I swear this is a horn beetle and I love these things, those people who were kicking it are cruel specks on the planet. In my opinion it’s probably a horn beetle

  37. I don't understand why some people feel the need to harm something, these are not harmful and are very pretty so its just beyond me

  38. What possesses a person to be that much of a twat? What a beautiful beetle. He should be enjoyed briefly and left to life his life. Uuurgh such anger! Hope little guy's doing better.

  39. Wow, even with the damage he’s beautiful. Side note, I’ll actually be in Jeju in like a month. Are these beetles common there? I’d love to see one.

  40. My mom's from South Korea and these guys are really common where she's from (Busan). My grandparents enjoy these guys in their garden!

  41. Kabutomushi! My sister kept one as a pet when we lived in Japan, she fed it cucumber slices and watermelon and the like. Every so often it would get out of its cage and would rip a hole in the shoji and she'd find it chilling by the window. Cool bugs!

  42. Today while swimming in my parents pool my mom kept freaking out about little bugs that flew on her and told me to drown them and flung them into the water. But I would fish them out and blow off the water from their wings and let them live. 10/10 Worth the annoyed looks.

  43. Thank you for saving him. I don’t and don’t want to understand how some people can be so cruel and inhumane to another living creature. It breaks my heart. The poor thing. )’:

  44. I painted the slabs in my back yard last week and it too me twice as long as it should have done due to waiting for ants to get out of harms way

  45. What an amazing little dude! He's adorable and I would 100% take him way out of the way to put him somewhere safe... Or maybe keep him if he's too injured to survive outside now.

  46. I am, typically, not a fan of bugs. But this thing looks pretty cool; would keep as a pet in a well conditioned environment with food. Might even try to stupidly give it small pats with my finger.

  47. You’re have a heart of gold but there goes a saying that when you do charity, do it in a way that even your left hand mustn’t know that you gave charity with your right hand. Charity could be in any form!

  48. I was a windscreen fitter in uk, one day a elephant hawk moth was on the racking in our depot, one of the guys “a real pos guy” squashed it with a rubber mallet and laughed. I removed my Kevlar glove from my right hand and proceeded to slap the living shit out of this guy with the glove, he was on the floor flailing like a little bitch while I proceeded to slap him in the face with my glove. If I had to guess I’d say I hit him 14-15 times. Beautiful creature unfortunately next to a fucking turd of a man 🤦‍♂️

  49. I know I may be downvoted but if I saw that thing in my house there is a pretty good chance I would be kicking it too, to either kill it or scare it out of my home. I'm really terrified of bugs, and this specific one looks really weird.

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