1. You need to keep paying the telco for your phone number or this can happen. If you change numbers, you should use the change number feature. Now it's too late.

  2. Right. If you are no longer paying for the number then the new customer has every right to use it. Its not fair for someone to hold the number hostage when they are not paying the cell phone bill. what if the new guy wanted to use whatsapp on HIS number that he is paying for.

  3. Ohh man, but atleast i want them to log out from my groups they would make some serious damage to me if they commit something stupid

  4. I am pretty sure you're out of luck. Most people are civil and they don't post stupid stuff like you are wondering, on groups. Plus your profile pic will be gone too.

  5. Can you ask your friends to remove you from those groups? Or text the person with your number and ask if they can delete the account and start fresh if they haven’t already? They provably don’t want to be in your groups anyway. Sorry you’re stuck with this- for people giving up their phone number it’s a good idea to delete your account first or transfer it to your new number.

  6. Like the other comments say, you’re out of options in this case. If you remember which groups you were part of, ask the group admins to remove your old number from the groups (otherwise, the other user might have access to all future messages in the group if they didn’t exit themselves!)

  7. Whats the benefits ? If someone has my number what would he see and can i access my account without my number using the pin code i chose ?

  8. I have solide evidence that, that number was active in my phone for over 4 years in the same mobile and i used it to put my scraps in it like tiktok links and stuff

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