What are these crystals on my wood?

  1. It appears to be some sort of mineral deposit to me. That's why I asked about humidity. Basements can do weird things when there is moisture. I incorrectly assumed this was on the wall, which could be caused by condensation from temperature/humidity differences between the soil and the basement. Or could be caused by groundwater seepage. You can test for mold and probably should, but a dehumidifier may help as mentioned by someone else.

  2. This is the wood going along the ceiling of my basement. No work done recently and kinda appeared all over

  3. My title describes the thing. It’s all over my basement wood and does not look like mold to me. It looks like small crystals and is shiny. This was not here a month ago but seems to have popped up recently. I tried to google it but can not seem to find anything that looks similar.

  4. We have 100 year old logs. I am not sure how old this specific woods is but I would say prob just as old. Im in Cleveland so it’s not super humid

  5. Go to google and search “penicillium/aspergillus on wood” and check out some of the images. I’m not saying it’s that, but maybe you’ll get some answers. Others suggested dehumidification - that should definitely be on your list.

  6. Termite eggs look like salt? We had the house treated for termites like 4 months ago but there has been no sign of activity

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