Found at a local skate park. ?

  1. There to stop skateboarders from doing tricks on them. There was a skatepark down the street from where I used to live. It was totally fenced in, so no cars or anything. They were all around. All the big natural rocks and boulders all had rebar horse shoed in for this reason.

  2. Certainly this. Public spaces implement similar barriers on benches, curbs, etc to prevent any tricks from being done. Any injury may be seen as a liability.

  3. I believe this is the answer. Cities don’t want skaters to have fun and they think that adding this stuff is aesthetically pleasing to people.

  4. My thought would be as a stand to hold up boards when not in use, hook the wheels over the bar and it's not going anywhere.

  5. I thought the same thing, putting a skateboard down without it rolling, sliding, or being a tripping hazard seems not straightforward, esp when there are a bunch in one place

  6. If that cement that they are sitting on is a driveway width capable of holding a vehicle they may be used to block regular traffic from driving on it into the area and would be able to be moved for maintenance crews

  7. THIS! Have skated for 20 years and would bet that’s what they’re for. Probably trying to keep large vehicles out and keep people from skating the sidewalks

  8. Maaaybe you can make some strange acrobatics on it? It could work for bikes but it seems impractical, because you'd have max 5 bikes in a space that could hold many more in a more ordered way.

  9. Guessing the boulders are to deter a certain kind of traffic. The hooks are to move the boulders. The park might not have heavy construction equipment for maintenance. hooks are also cheaper than precast barriers.

  10. Nice of you to bring that up. Do you really think that what is for or are you just trying to let people know you're bias?

  11. Sometimes at parks they put weird obstacles that you can move around to do tricks over. Those would be really hard to move around without the handles they drilled in.

  12. Anyone who says these are to STOP people from skating have never skated. I see those tiny rails and all I see are opportunities. In no way would they stop someone from skating

  13. I thought it was some abstract chairs someone turned upsidown. Where I’m from someone would 10,000% make these and just call it art

  14. I think this is meant to be public art. Probably the parks commission put out a call for artistic functional pieces and someone said, “Have I got the thing for you! They’re rocks but they’re chairs. Rocks! Chairs! Crazy, right?” And, minds blown, the parks commission handed over a wad of cash.

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