What are these porcelain, numbered hooks? 1" long. Penny and keys for scale in second photo.

  1. Those sure look a lot like ceramic guide hooks used in the textile industry! Google Cerok ceramic guide hook for some examples of modern equivalents.

  2. I wonder if they are not early guide hooks for electrical wires or maybe even telegraph or telephone wires. Early telephone wires might make sense because in the system back then had separate wires specific for each house or party line(which would have multiple houses on it) they eventually switched to some sort of modulating system so they could use the same wires for transmitting multiple houses phones. I think that would also explain why ten might seem reversed? Maybe it was mounted on the opposite side of the pole or? This is just an educated guess, based on the fact that they look like wire guide hooks and are porcelain and so much of the stuff on telephone poles are porcelain or glass.

  3. I know they look it, but they are not plastic. (I will upload a video of the clink-clink sound they make when tapped together.)

  4. They almost look like some sort of rocker switches to the right of the numbers? Like the hook part is part of a mechanism, with the numbers just to assist with assembly of something? Like this maybe?

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