I know what it is, but wanted to share this image I found from Florida

  1. At the end of the day it is just a car, and people lost homes, people got hurt, maybe some died (I haven't seen details on that yet).

  2. Well the last flood at my place only took out my Camry. Well it took years of baby photos and memories but are house was spared

  3. This is one photo of this persons house. Next to this 1970 Plymouth Superbird is their 1969 Dodge Daytona. It’s right side up but got flooded. Two wing cars.

  4. Hoovie showed how the wing installs via frame mounts in the trunk. I wonder if the buckled fender happened because it is a clone with fender mounted only?

  5. Yeah it does look fixable. All the body and frame parts are available from several suppliers and it's all mechanical so minimal electronics are ruined by salt water. I would venture to say it will be repaired.

  6. There is another angle I saw on a Facebook post a little while ago and there is a 1969 Dodge Daytona too. It didn’t flip but the back window was broken out and it looks a little beat up. You can see the broken garage doors from the other angle too.

  7. The path of the storm changed very quickly. It was originally supposed to pass by Tampa Bay area as a cat 2 or weak cat 3 storm. Instead it made landfall much further south as a much stronger cat 4 storm. The true path of the storm was only accurately forecasted less than a day before landfall.

  8. If you aren't attached to the car it doesn't make sense to do that. I left the ariel atom in the garage but took the miata. When you remove a car from the shelter it's insured in, you risk waiving parts of your coverage. There's a reason they ask that. Sometimes it's easier just to make an insurance claim. Same reason I only keep a fire extinguisher in some of my cars.

  9. Pretty sure that isn't their daily driver good luck taking it anywhere safe with all your stuff in it. and this hurricane was supposed to be minor and turned into a beast at the last minute then went wherever the fuck it wanted and dumped a foot of rain everywhere. This is probably in Naples or Ft Myers where these kinds of cars are plentiful, and they weren't supposed to get it, Tampa paid it off at the last second and sent it south.

  10. There are just no words to make this situation better what can you say I’m sorry I don’t even know if that’s good enough

  11. It reminds me of a newsphoto a few years ago that showed the burned out shell of a Continental Mark II parked in the midst of a CA neighborhood that had been completely destroyed by a wildfire. They didn't really need to show me that.

  12. Someone (@Lambo9286 on Instagram) lost his basically brand new McLaren P1 with like 500 miles on it after owning it for 2 weeks and his also new Rolls-Royce Phantom. It’s heartbreaking.

  13. You would think with how many times Florida gets hit with a hurricane these people would move. Yeah it sucks rhe car got messed up but i cant feel sorry for the guy when he decided to stay in Florida..

  14. When it all comes down to it, remember that this is just a car, but it's a very valuable car and one that lots of people want, so reactions may be a little intense.

  15. Heartbreaking is what it is…..thats a Plymouth Superbird, one of the first production vehicles to crack the 200+ mph barrier

  16. Am I the only one surprised the wing supports didn't collapse under the weight? I mean the roof is doing most of the work, but still. Have to imagine the landing was a little violent.

  17. In race trim possibly but there are quite a few still around . You will see more than 10 at major car shows and at the mopar nationals

  18. 1970 Plymouth superbird . Based off of the RoadRunner with a different nose and huge rear wing . Only produced for 1 year . Built specifically for Nascar but they were banned in 71 .

  19. I don’t think that is a full size car…. I’ve seen lots of the road runner design put on gas golf carts that look amazing! People drive them around there neighborhoods and what not.

  20. That is definitely a real road runner . You might need to get your eyes checked . Golf carts don’t have leaf spring rear suspension , 14 inch poly glass tires and dual exhaust .

  21. Should of never had the spoiler. Are we sure this person didn't crash seems like a lot of weight to flip over. I know winds are strong but being low to the ground I don't see this happening. Unless, it floated there.

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