help please. got stung twice, what is it, what should i do

  1. It’s difficult to tell a lot of bugs from underneath, but it’s a wasp or hornet of some kind. I’m leaning towards wasp - if you aren’t allergic to wasp stings they are not medically significant so you don’t really have to do anything. You can take some Benedryl to help with any swelling. Keep an eye on the sting site, if you notice significant swelling, see a doctor.

  2. Unless you have an allergy, you’re fine. It’s some sort of wasp or hornet. Put Benadryl on it, and don’t itch or pinch the sting sites (a lot of wives tales about being able to “pinch,” the sting and drain the venom. It’s not actually possible, and worsens the site).

  3. don't have Benadryl, but got some generic boots allergy medication! we used that instead. we just took it, but do we crush the pill and put it where the stings are?

  4. Yeah, looks like a wasp, but hard to tell. As long as the stings stay circular rather than starting to form hives-like lines, you’re going to be fine. Sounds like you didn’t react with anaphylaxis which would’ve occurred directly after the stings, so I’d say no need to worry

  5. Looks like a European wasp. By now any info won't be of much use, but ice and an antihistimine for hayfever should help with pain and swelling.

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