Does anyone know the name of wendigoon's haircut? I just love it!

  1. It's pretty much long hair that has been kept up nicely. On PKA he said that his hair is more wavey so that adds to it too. I used to have hair like his but got it cut. You just need to really train it so it goes back.

  2. Idk the name (or if there even is one) but if you're wanting to get it you could probably just take a picture into a hairdresser.

  3. I have long hair like his but it's not remotely the same even tho mine is also wavy, to get a hair like Wendi's you got to treat it like a baby and style it every day

  4. If you’re asking because you want to find a better picture I’d just look up 70s haircuts for men because his is very similar to what was popular back then.

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