Organigram Launches HOLY MOUNTAIN to Further Support Its Strong Position in the Dried Flower and Hash Categories

  1. I can't wait until the sector matures enough that strains matter. I say that as a consumer and not an investor. Though I think it will be a benefit whichever hat I'm wearing.

  2. Valid point. The fact is that strains don't matter an iota, and haven't for years. Everything that dispensaries seems to sell are the "usual" indica hybrids high in THC. We already know that anything labeled or portrayed as "sativa" or "mostly sativa" is a lie or mostly a lie, and that consumers really can't tell much of a difference between the different stuff offered.

  3. Says it's another value brand, I guess it makes sense. I was expecting a premium offering, it seems like that's the only real thing missing from their portfolio

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