Just got this shit from my Plug he's got a farm

  1. In Rotterdam coffeeshops in the 80's and 90's (maybe they sell it still but I left the Netherlands end 90's) this was either called Columbian or Thai, it was so gross and only people who couldn't afford the better stuff bought this, or teenagers that didn't know what they were doing and just got the cheapest shit.

  2. I'd be honest. In countries where it is illegal and hard to come by, this is common. They portion it in plastic bags and sell for insane amounts.

  3. Man back in the day this would be the shit. If you compare it to dispo weed it's dog shit...but for what it isss.... It's beautiful man. Pick out the seeds and stem bro. That shit will getchu lifted yuh

  4. I don’t know why everyone gets so tilted when they see weed like this. Yes it’s not great quality and all but weed is weed. If it gets op high and makes him happy then there’s no reason to seek out the best of the best. Dispo weed shits on this. But, we don’t always have to compare. It is what it is. And that’s okay 👌.

  5. This picture was posted by someone else days ago… claiming it was OG KUSH…. Idk why you stole it from them or if you’re the same person but this ain’t flex worthy my guy

  6. my mans posted this twice n ask how good it was😂 looks like cbd sprayed w/ thc distillate ngl if you got nasty aroma n done got lil high from it if you alrdy smoked it

  7. Looks like the weed I smoked when I was younger, full of stems, seeds, dry, but that's all that was around. Now we have fancy dispensaries lol

  8. You got this from your cousin. Not your plug. He’s your cousin. He will keep giving you shit weed because you’re family and realized you’ve become his bitch. If you’re paying for this…. I feel so bad. Your cousin seems toxic.

  9. Not gonna lie, you have to search to find weed this bad. I mean I guess I would smoke it if it's the only thing available, but maybe not. Maan that looks like shit.

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