What is this pipe?

  1. Remember, never hold the flame directly on the ... drinking straw ... for too long or you'll waste your precious ... drink

  2. It’s an oil burner. Which does happen to be used for meth. I’ve used it for concentrates when desperate but mostly dmt. Anything you shouldn’t apply direct flame to.

  3. That is a pipe you smoke ice (methamphetamine) out of........ or oil burner make ur house smell good.

  4. I mean you could grind it up, put it in the hole, then light up the bottom. That would be like a dry herb vaporizer. But yeah that’s a meth pipe btw

  5. bro don’t take this to the smoke sesh with ur boys cause you will guaranteed get clowned on. Meth pipe

  6. Crack requirements are as follows. Straight glass tube with Brillo pad stuffed in the end. Put a rock in the end with the Brillo, turn it around and light and puff. My grandfather was a functioning crack addict, owned his own company doing renovations. That's why I know -_-

  7. The fanciest methamphetamine pipe I've seen. They don't normally come with carbs haha. Just read you accidentally purchased this.....hahaha!!! 😆😆😆😂😂😂

  8. This is a bubble pipe, if you are at a glass store and someone asks for a bubble you know they aren’t smoking plants

  9. It’s usually used to smoke meth but it’s possible (not recommended) to smoke some wax (like sugar or something with a hard consistency) out of it in a pinch if you broke your daily pipe but I would just go to the store and get a new one. Plus it would be a bitch to clean. Lessons we learn lol

  10. Iv had a pipe like this (not for meth haha) it came with a connecting cone piece and scared the fuck out of my mum in retrospect I never saw one again after that day so yeah you could try and get one

  11. I mean, technically you could do dabs or DMT out of it. But that's really not what it's for. I think you know what it's for

  12. Technically yes it is a crack/meth pipe but if you smoke wax or other concentrates you can use it for that too, probably best to use on your own though lol

  13. I believe the smoke shop term is pizzo or oil burner. Shit for bud but I betcha this would be great for a dryer concentrate consistency. Break off a little piece of shatter or drop a thca diamond in and your golden.

  14. Oh my god I did the same thing. I bought this cool little rhino chillum, came to my buds with a couple of them was so excited to use it my friend stopped me and he’s like bro that’s a crack pipe. That was the day I learned what crack pipes look like.

  15. Yea this is a meth pipe dude.. you atleast would’ve been able to smoke ur weed if it was a crack pipe 😂

  16. I was offered something clear in a pipe like this as a tip when I worked for dominos., still don’t know if it was crack, meth, or somethin else., but I do know that moment helped lead me back to college 😂

  17. Ignore the meth it’s a concentrate hitter drop some shatter or hash in it and slowly heat it with a bic they actually hit pretty good but it takes a lot more skill than a rig. I started my dab journey on one of these

  18. That appears to be what they call an “oil burner” pipe. While it could be used for wax/ concentrates, they’re often used for meth and whatnot

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