y'all ever just wanna 🍭

  1. No… I’ve never wanted to stick weed in my mouth like I was sucking a dick. No never even thought about it. Till now

  2. GD all the snarky comments. All she’s saying is it looks so good you could just eat it and then made a comical post. Cracked me up

  3. Holy shit at the amount of stuck up douche bag comments…I’ve smelled plenty of fat nugs and wanted to chew on them like a gum ball it smelled so good…that’s all she’s saying. I thought the weed community was laid back? When did it become so fucking rude and up tight? So so many douchebag comments lol people need to get over themselves.

  4. Yes. Cute, goofy ass stoner, hell yes. And everyone is livid because they think weed is a sentient organism with feelings😂 like bro its just an intrusive thoughts joke, take several chill pills🫠

  5. You’re one weird mf to just deep throat outdoor grows. Can’t keep all the caterpillars out of that shit especially that big. Those plants need to be saved from you drooling all over that nasty.

  6. My lordt...seriously though girl you need jesus. I don't believe in jesus but whatever is going on here needs jesus.

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