Paid 40 for this “Platinum Kush” but dont look like platinum ngl… thoughts?

  1. I mean different phenos gonna look different always so thats not really a good way to judge but to me it just looks like some older weed you getting taxed on. Where you from just so I have an idea of what the prives might be like out there cause where I'm from I move zips better than that for 60$ so 40 on that might be a rip/might be a deal depending on location

  2. If you arent sure what youre getting always go for the cheaper weed. People who sell love to mark up their weed for any reason so they make more money.

  3. I dont know. Usually platinum strains are covered in white trichomes in my experience. But what I really came here to say is that we have the same scale babyyy were like eskimo brothers but with weeed scales

  4. So yeah…. Not gonna lie that looks like trash……. But also….. the best weed I ever purchased came in a government container in the mid 90’s… it was labeled-DC89…. I paid $90 for .7 grams. We were so fucked up me and my friend were hallucinating water colors…… never had weed again like it…. Even laced weed…… it looks exactly like this garbage ….. so who knows

  5. This the stuff from the bitz 420? Always think their weed looks dry, old or PGR.. hoped it was just the lighting in the pics but obvs just how it really is.

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