Smoking the Netherlands way.

  1. I used to smoke hash back in the day and the amount of people commenting about how much tobacco is in there is crazy. I mean like, its hash, you ain't gona see how much is in there through the rizla. And the more hash you use the more tobacco you need. And good on ya for back rolling too. What papers you using there? Silvers? I was a blues man when I used to blaze

  2. There called ja ja in Dutch. They extra big skins, and you’re very right no one seems to understand what hash is? Americas must not smoke much of it cause then they’d know you need lots of tobacco and we use lots of hash so more tobacco. at least one whole cigarette but even more for some of these. Good some people understand.

  3. When I went to America for a few weeks I had such a diffuclt time finding rolling tobacco. The only one I could find was a brand called "tops" and it was like pipe tobacco. All the shop keepers were looking at me like I was speaking Spanish to them. 😳

  4. I personally prefer to roll my own joints, wouldn't want a rookie / non smoker to roll a joint for me anyday.

  5. i personally wouldn't make the switch from all buds to spliffs, but i've always had an appreciation of hash+tobacco/euro spliffs. They have an appeal about them I find really sick

  6. a lot of people hating on tobacco here but for sure like to smoke blunts ahah, but hey guys here in europe its common for us to smoke hash and even weed with a little bit of tobacco, it tastes nice and it helps the burn of the spliff, dont hate we are just friendly stoners from across the pawn with a different way of doing things, much love good smoke for us all 🍫

  7. Why the hate for hash? Here in Spain we also smoke lots of hashish and there's nothing wrong with that. Y'all weed isn't superior

  8. Yesss, big fan of the hash cigarettes. I could’ve been doing it wrong when I was in Europe, but I would roll a log of hash into the cigarette and my favorite part was how you get this long glowing cherry as the tobacco burns first and sticks to the burning hash. Keep it up OP 🤙

  9. Very nice. Good to see the true weed smokers understanding. Funny how most don’t even know what hash is even tho there’s a great big block in the photo🤣

  10. I've never needed tobacco to smoke hash, I've always wondered why people say that. But anyways damn I remember hash... We have medical dispensaries in my state and even still no one has good ol traditional hash. It's been like 15 years since I've seen any

  11. I remember the smell and the burnt fingers when I crumbled the hash…. Can’t seem to get it here in the uk for a while, it’s usually bud.

  12. Is hash really necessary for smoking hash optimally ? I use an herbal mix and sometime I add a little bit of weed 0.2g most of the time Does tobacco help the hash burn smoother/ more efficient ?

  13. They have that stuff called knaster its ground up stems and leaves and all the stuff u usually dont smoke just use that as tobacco substitute in a joint

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