Diamonds (isolated, no sauce/terps)

  1. Had some of these. they are fucking annoying. Absolutely will not stick to your dab stick. You have to drop it in your Bangor, like a little crack rock.😂😂

  2. I genuinely don’t understand the hype behind diamonds or shit like it… seems very expensive for a one note high and also not easily manipulated. To me it’s either live resin/rosin or RSO.

  3. The only thing that makes crack different besides the base chemical is the process of reaching a freebase state. They're the exact same version of their respective compounds.

  4. 99.9% is basically tasteless and only has a slight odor of “chemical”. Like a sort of “too sterile” smell. Not a burning plastic type smell or anything. Most people I know say these are way too strong and they all want sauce to cut it and make it taste pleasant. The ex-junkie in me must just really like shit like this.

  5. Now smoke it with a nectar collector to REALLY look like a crackhea- I mean... nice crystals buddy, get zooted lmao

  6. So my new plug sold me some dry diamonds. I’ve never seen them, he didn’t explain how they looked, or anything. When I got home, I opened up the jar and legit thought he sold me some meth, not even joking. I didn’t touch it for a week. He hit me up and asked how they where and I told him, jokes like that are a no go, trying to trick me into smoking ice….he is still laughs about that shit. Anyways, shit was really good, weird because it leaves zero residue and has little to no taste.

  7. I bought a gram once. I liked it.. just threw it in the bing bowl with some weed. It was for special occasions when I wanted to get Chuck Norris level high. Yeah it looks like crack so what? It’s not! Lol. And I don’t get why ppl are OK with hash, oil, and shatter but this is “out of hand” 🤣

  8. i mean both (medical) cocaine and this are isolates from organic materials. you could take the cocaine outta salt form and have some crack that is just as organic as this.

  9. I’m still out here just hoping my guy gets some loud instead of the mids lol can we get this shit legalized everywhere already

  10. It is lol. That’s what pure diamonds with no sauce looks like. Usually 95-99% thc little to no taste but hits like a truck

  11. Now... Buy some live resin and put a rock in it, and hit the live resin and diamond at the same time. Should have more terpenes and get you higher this way. I prefer good darker live resin. The diamonds are good for not making u cough because terpenes make you cough. Also diamonds and sauce are just as good I think. I like light sky farms live resin. But I'm just getting into concentrates.

  12. I have an electronic heating element that attaches to a quartz bucket which feeds into my “rig” which is like a small bong. It heats up to 510F and I drop my concentrates inside or swirl with a tool before topping it with a quartz cap and hitting it deep a bunch of times til it spins around with my terp pearls and all gets vaped in my lungs.

  13. Jesus fuck. I’m 48 and started stealing my old man’s stash that was slowly improving as I got older…now it’s a GD crystal. Fucking amazed! 🤯

  14. It smokes/vapes average, leaves a slightly sterile chemical smell, is almost tasteless with a sweet exhale, and the high is nearly psychedelic the first couple times and is extremely potent/long lasting.

  15. Had some Space Balls a while back, good bud smothered in live resin with thc-a crystals covering the outside. It was straight fire.

  16. My friend used to use something like this. They lost their job, ruined their credit, had their mom call the cops on them for suicide attempt. Not all drugs are good drugs.

  17. There’s a dude on YouTube that vaped some of this with another guy then this guy breaks out this homemade seltzer with terps as their smoking and drinking he explains how thc is like a rocket ship and the terps are like the fuel. Very informative I know it’s people that associate with the bubble man

  18. I got some of these awhile ago and still have them. They work. But it leaves a kind of chalky residue in my mouth. Doesn’t matter if I’m using the puffco or my normal rig. Not a fan of that residue so I don’t really use it that often.

  19. Do you use a bong ? How’s the high like hitting 2x blunts is equivalent to one hit of this ? Can’t find anything online wanted personal experiences.

  20. Not even close to true, and you’re meant to pair it with terps/flavs. I smoke flower, vape resins/rosin, and use other concentrates. This just sweetens the pot for people who prefer a super high THC end of the spectrum.

  21. I crush good meth and swallow some at least once a week. No more than twice a week. And I only swallow a little bit. It works great when I start thinking of things I love enjoying like hobbies. But, it causes insomnia. It sucks but I can handle it.

  22. I was a fairly regular user of methamphetamine some years back in my life. This pic was VERY triggering. You definitely don’t want to get caught by law enforcement if you’re carrying this because they will likely think the same.

  23. Crack weed???? All jokes aside. Are the the crumbles that be on designer blunts with the resin and crumble over it?

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