best bong liquid?

  1. fr i’ve heard of people using drinks to slightly flavor the smoke! a buddy once told me to use kool-aid and it actually was kinda good. i swear i’m not kidding. I wouldn’t do it every day but it was kinda fun lol

  2. Hi there, remember, the satantic government illuminati, is conspiring against you. Why are you filling up your bong with floridize water. Making the frogs gays. With infowar organic bone broth, you too, can keep yourself and your weed safe from the reptillian kabal

  3. Dead ass weed tea is my favorite edible, boil a handful of stems with your favorite tea and you’ll be blasted.

  4. Used champagne in my bong once during a coke session! Was really weird but i liked it at the time for some reason. Was absolutely blasted though so can't tell for sure if it's any good hahaha.

  5. HAHA brings me back to a memory of instant regret back in the dazeeee in HIGHschool! Me and couple guys got together one day to hangout,so we bust out the bong and we had some left over vodka,so I thought it was genius idea to hit vodka in the bong,thought it would get you smashed, so we do it,fill this bong up we used to call it“Spongebong” because it was small and yellow,so I pack bowl and rip the fuck out of it.As soon as the the smoke hit my mouth and back if my throat it was instant gagg attack,I god damn near wanted to projectile puke Exorcist style all over the place. It was the most horrifying taste ever, very unpleasant.So then my homie Enzo grabs Spongebong and rips that mother fucker,and instantly does the same thing.Then I start laughing my ass off…ohh mannn…those were the days…don’t get me started when my homie Enzo tried to siphon gas out of a car…idiot thought he knew what he was doing….😂….mouth full of fumes,But that time he did vomit…EXCORCIST STYLE!

  6. hell yeah man, got a detachable coil condenser for the bong I keep in the freezer till I need it, such smooth dabs 👍

  7. It’s decent for a few hits, then the resin flavor starts mixing with the Gatorade flavor or whatever you’re using & it tastes gross.

  8. Lean💜🦄👿✝️☂️🍇👾♋️☸️🟣🟪🆔⚛️💟✡️🕎☮️♍️♓️♒️♏️😈😈😈😈😈

  9. i used those little water additive packets/squeeze bottles a couple times in cherry limeade flavor, and it really changed the taste, very strong u can taste more of the flavor than the weed lol

  10. one time i forgot my water bottle and put sparkling water in my bong... it actually seemed to hit smoother than flat water

  11. River water is my all time favorite for taste. I used to pull out my bowl piece and leave the whole bong in the river until I had it loaded and I was ready to smoke. When camping for multiple months, THIS is the best way to keep it clean so you don't have to maintain it while you're out.

  12. Okay Not THAT Weird Of a Question. Ive Tried Vanilla Extract, Juices, And Even alcoholic Beverages When I Was Younger. It Gave A Noticable Taste And Aroma To Bong Hits. HOWEVER, A Clean Hit With Water Is The Way To Go, Maybe Even Some Ive. Not To Mention It Makes Your Bong So Damn STICKY!!

  13. At the river the other day. Guy pulls up on his bike. Sits down and brings out his bubbler. Fills it with bud light clamato.

  14. Warm water is the tits. The steam makes the smoke smoother than a plug who only has shake left to sell you.

  15. I used to get this mint-infused bottled water from Sprouts and for like a week 6 years ago it was my favorite; now I just use whatever water is available. Usually tap or some of my drinking water.

  16. Seltzer water. It’s my go to, just buy the off brand cans, leave them in the fridge, then ice cold hits, and a cool refreshing drink to wash it down. Buy the flavored ones for a slight fruity flavor

  17. I like some of the coldest purest water with ice in the ice catcher. Don’t like anything else because it makes the bong sticky and more obnoxious to clean

  18. Out fishing one day, brought my mini rig, dabs, and torch. Forgot about water for the rig. Used blue Gatorade in a pinch. Tasted good. Definitely works well.

  19. For real though, sparkling water... like no sugar added kind. Definitely elevates certain strains

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