Am I fucked?

  1. Omg dont stress urself out!! Ur definitely in the clear 😇 always remember that the most obvious is the least obvious! You smoked a lil bowl on your own private porch at night, no biggie! Besides, I HIGHLYYYY doubt that any cop out working during this crazy hurricane is gonna do a little side quest to bust someone whos minding their business and smoking like .5g of weed in the privacy of their own home haha. Ur good!!

  2. That must’ve been some good smoke! You may just be a little paranoid, they’ve got bigger things to worry about besides you smoking a small bowl on your porch.

  3. If you were in Florida like me we had a curfew because of the hurricane and cop were just making sure everyone was fine not checking for weed

  4. Idk why people are being rude to you! I have felt this anxiety many times in my life. I think you’re okay. If the cop was going to do something, they would have taken action immediately instead of letting you walk off. Generally speaking and especially given the hurricane, the cops don’t pursue things like the smell of cannabis unless it is over-the-top obvious or disruptive to the surrounding environment. Just take some deep breaths and give yourself a hug ❤️

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