I hate smoking weed

  1. When I was younger, I used to like smoking. After a multiple decade hiatus, not so much. When I smoke it just irritates the daylights out of my upper respiratory tract. So, I've switched to edibles when practicable. And when not practicable, I smoke.

  2. I feel opposite, the feeling of inhaling and exhaling smoke relaxes me. Edibles are nice tho, maybe try making some of your own?

  3. if you wanna make your own infused butter/oil is pretty easy to make. you could also always make tincture with either mct or grain alcohol. or if you’re open to spend some money a nice vape is a solid investment

  4. I made the switch to edibles only about a year ago. I hate smoking. I hate the process, the taste, the coughing, the smell. It's all just too much anymore. Pop a gummie, hour and a half later, I'm perfect.

  5. If you don’t have access to it you can learn to make your own from the weed you buy and decarb it and that way you can do quality control on it and figure out what dosage is good for you many tutorials on YouTube to help you out with making your own edibles

  6. A lot of people feel sick after smoking so ur not alone, edibles are the way to go in this case. Honestly most people prefer edibles since it’s stronger and lasts longer it’s just that smoking is straight to the dome and you don’t have to wait for it

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