Is this worth $50?

  1. Not even country anymore, it varies so much state by state these days. Craziness. That $50 could get you an ounce in one state and an eighth in another.

  2. As someone once said idk who can’t remember but Weed is not an addiction you have what you can afford , Meth now that’s an addiction because I have never sucked dick for weed

  3. Everyone likes to flex on the prices and quanitity they get which is basically happening here, ASIDE FROM THE MAIN LEGAL STATES, 50$ dollars an eigth is totally normal, and your picture is not doing the bud justice. Also he did rip you off by taking out .5 unless you smoked the .5 already.

  4. I have the same scale and it only shows the first digit of the weight. The .5 might be there but we can't really tell without a smaller quantity scale. And yeah in non legal states paying more is just how it is :+( almost 100 for a que here for me but my dealer is a friend from highschool and it's always lovely to see him so I don't mind. Mans gotta eat haha

  5. Really depends what strain it is tbh if it’s something like stawdawg definitely not but if you’ve got like la bamba or zkittles or something then yeah it’s not to bad

  6. I'm still a newbie after a year of smoking but your dealer is finessing you. What you displayed is worth $20 at the most.

  7. I cannot imagine paying $50 for less than an eighth, but it depends where you live. Even then, idk man. At the height of prohibition I don’t think it cost that much where I live

  8. If it’s mid tier bud it’s worth around 10$ a gram. And you have 3 grams. So if it’s all mids it’s gotta be 30 for all of that. If it’s a different strain it could be worth a lil more.

  9. For most everybody in the US, lol no not worth $50 at all. But any place can have its own market prices I suppose.

  10. I get that for 15 but in high school I used to buy $50 or $45 1/8ths. It’s a bad deal but I guess it’s up to what it’s worth to you lol

  11. If the weight is what it was stated to be and 50 is what was agreed to, yes. You can’t control how much your source paid, but they still need to make money or they’ll move away from the business. If you want to pay less shoulder all the risk by yourself and become the grower.

  12. Doesn't really look like some exotic, so I would pay 30 USD at most for this. Perhaps your dealer is just starting off and struggling to make a profit, thus heavily taxing. The only way I would have paid 50 for this is if I were a high schooler.

  13. Unless it's legal and your buying from a store then the price is w/e you can find. There is no set price in that situation

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