Never seen this before what is it from telegram

  1. That’s that pre-boofed OG son. Just drop them bois in the toilet and you get all the embarrassing feelings of boofing without the inconvenience of getting high!

  2. Did they try to make rez moon rocks or something because that looks like something you'd find after getting checked by a doctor

  3. You definitely got the “This came from some fire shit, but my boy got locked up and had to hide it so the guards couldn’t find it and it took about 3-4 months to get from him but I promise it’s good bro. I promise.

  4. I put laxatives in the communion wine at my local church to start a holy movement.....this appears to be the result and its the work of the devil.

  5. Looks like moon rocks/asteroids put that in the freezer and break apart and put it on top of a bowl. You'll be coughing like a mf but it'll get you stoned

  6. That’s moonrocks don’t listen to the bozos in the comments💯 (Moonrocks are nugs covered in wax and keef or hash)

  7. Those are the most boof horrible looking moonrocks I’ve ever seen 😭 even d8 & d10 moonrocks I’ve seen look a lot more appealing

  8. A poor execution of what’s possible. When I’m forced into low grade flower I’ll mix it with 100% Delta 8 Distillate into little balls. Cover with kief if you have it but effective without.

  9. I got something just like this the other week from broski kinda a pain to smoke but definitely gets the job done. I recommend putting a little regular tree in the bowl first so all the oil doesn't end up in your pipe.

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