Did my Weed Dispensary rip me off?

  1. In WA I get 2 full 1g carts for 50... And they are typically full. Every now and then there is a bit of a bubble but I've never really thought I've been screwed .... Is it the shop? Or is it the grower ?

  2. I drive from MT to WA for the 1g carts. Found good ones in Spokane for $21 at the dispo, they are between $60 and $80 here for a gram with no quality differences.

  3. This is a .41g cart if you read the packaging. Meaning this half gram cart won’t be full even with a half g in it? Why would it possibly be full with a .4 of a gram?

  4. That’s quite interesting, I’ll more likely write and email and send them the photo because this is just disappointing for my first time at that dispensary. The flower was great but I wasn’t expecting this cart. I’ve been to the Apothocarium in NJ and those carts generally have small bubbles, never seen anything like this even BM lol

  5. In Oklahoma dispenserys they have a deal thats 28 1 gram carts for $100. I have never purchased them bc that price is simply to low. That's the lowest of the low prices. Just wanted to put this out their. Oh a buddy got some and they had between 0-1% and terps. And 10-20%thc. So no thanks

  6. The coil soaks up some of the liquid so it looks short usually. But it’s fine, if you do have a problem or concern they’ll be glad to replace ir

  7. Gotta be careful, I've almost accidentally got the half gram ones a few times. The shitty part about it is they're the same price as a full gram usually

  8. PA medical here. I’ve never seen .41 I’ve seen .3 carts tho. Looks about right. Some of my .5 carts come looking like this lol

  9. I almost always lose like 10% of my cart when I do full grams. There's always a tiny bit I just can't get. I like half grams because I feel I can pretty much always finish them 100%.

  10. As someone who's been going to NJ med dispos for a couple years. This won't be the last time your cart won't be full. They explain it as some of the distillate gets soaked up into the wifk or whatever it is. As well as it's not always a one for one .5 gram will fill a cart. Don't know if it's all bull shit or not but it's not just that cart

  11. It is THC Distillate. It’s THCA%86.38, THC 354.15%, cbd 1.25% and CBG 3.51 . Honestly I just noticed the 354.15% for the THC, is that accurate? I’m getting this right off the label.

  12. No. There’s supposed to be headspace. And technically it would be the processing facility the cart came from, not the dispensary; unless they’re doing their own somehow

  13. I had the same with my full gram but if you let it sit upright it should level out significantly apart from it being .41 so it’s not technically half, keep in mind there’s some already soaked in the cotton.

  14. It’s just as you said, roughly a half gram cart. They’re just smaller lol Usually the ones I get are the normal 1g carts. I have gotten a half one before.

  15. Hi I see that you’ve gotten a lot of responses but I figured I’d add to the conversation. I work as a budtender in a dispensary in Washington state, so I encounter a lot of product. This looks pretty normal, I would try sitting the cartridge upright whenever you get one that looks like this and the distillate will settle more evenly and the cartridge won’t look quite as empty. Occasionally we will get cartridges right out of the package that are malfunctioning or they are leaking, typically if they are leaking it’s all over the package or it’s soaked up into the little rubber piece that covers up the threads at the bottom, which doesn’t look like the case with your cartridge. In Washington we have return policies for malfunctioning cartridges, every place sets their own policy about it. I hope this helps!

  16. My dispo puts the 1g carts right by the higher quality .5g carts and they're similarly priced. I've fallen for it once.

  17. How was that dispo in general, I dont use carts so more about the weed. I was going to go up there instead of using my plug for a change.

  18. I hate NJ dispensaries. The carts are so expensive for a full g and they always suck. I’ve been getting stiiizy plug n play and Raw gardens and can’t go back

  19. It says 41.g on the label. That’s what you bought. I mean trust me man I hate that shit as much as you do, but this why I choose specific brands that don’t do it, or put up with it if the oils good.

  20. Yeah but it’s just really odd because at this dispo you order outside with an employee that has an iPad, she brought me to the half gram carts because that’s what I asked for and then I got the .41 which is odd, but yeah it is what it is.

  21. They give the excuse of “it’s weight not volume” but I think that’s mostly just BS. I had the same issue w a cresco cart, shit looked half empty out of the package and I asked people online and they gave me that reason. I really think that certain companies just don’t care and underfill, because you’ll get other brands that always fill no matter what.

  22. it’s ok, air bubbles are super common in carts. leave it standing upright for a few and you should be good to go

  23. I’d set it upright and let it sit for like 15 minutes to level out but I’d say 90% of my carts have a pretty decent bubble in them. The bubble isn’t always that size but it’s never small. I don’t think the bubble is there when they packaged it. It only gets to be that size bc the wick absorbs some of the shit in there after it gets packaged.

  24. Weird of them to sell a .41 gram cart but if that's the case then it does look like that amount. It's a half g cart that's less than full

  25. I like how they put the "risk for psychosis" warning on there though honestly. The weed out now is so strong if you use it a few times a day you can really get messed up.

  26. I feel so bad to look at this bro but at the same time I’m so thankful I have months worth of distillate and a refillable cart 😭😭

  27. I just bought 10 from the dispo just like this but they was less than 3 dollars each so no sweat. I think the cotton absorbs quite a bit after they fill it up

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