Anyone know why it’s burning slanted like this?

  1. honestly the biggest pet peeve when it comes to smoking joints is when it canoes like that. very few things piss me off as much as that lmaooo

  2. In Italy we call it a "nail". I was looking for the appropriate translation and now i found it! Thank you stranger!

  3. Sure it will, and so won’t large monster hits, not rotating a joint that has the opposite of “powdery” accumulation but instead has a peice not broken down as much as the others, also heat rises so again not rotating it at all could do it, etc. etc… there are too many answers to this so why not just say “pull out the lighter“… then they can learn as they go lol

  4. It may also depend on how the joint is rolled. If there is less weed in a certain point next to the paper, the paper is gonna burn faster

  5. This happens because you dont let the wet glue dry out, you need to pass a lighter close to the glue seal to dry it out

  6. If your smoking with tobacco mix the tobacco an bud together, works for me. (Pro tip: if you're using pouched tobacco break up the strands so it's easier to mix )

  7. If this happens lick the side where the slant isn't present and light it without inhaling. Or avoid it always and light it without inhaling, it's not a cigarette.

  8. Seen a video of the guy who created raw cones he said something within the lines of “ dont over pack/ stuff your cone” because it will cause it to burn un even or something like that you’d have to look the video up yourself

  9. In Trinidad 🇹🇹, we call this “bad burn” usually happens when the weed isn’t ground fine enough or paper overlaps. But we joke and say this happens bc you’re SO is cheating on you, so we say you’re getting “horn”

  10. Gotta roll it more evenly. Takes time. When youre molding the weed during the roll, make sure its even and the middle doesnt have a bump on it. Or if youre packing preroll, pack the flower evenly throughout, Tighter at the bottom tho 👍🏽

  11. This is closest to the correct answer I’ve seen. Idk if anybody on this sub actually smokes weed bc nobody knows why a joint sideys and how to prevent it. There’s lots of reasons why it would sidey but main one I’ve found is it’s because the joint is packed un-even. Kind of like this guy said. Just make sure the weed is distributed evenly and the spliff will burn evenly. Weed burns faster than baccy so if you sprinkle it on top without mixing it in then one side of the joint is going to burn faster than the other, you’ll be wasting weed.

  12. could be a clump of bud larger than the rest. Or a seed depending on your origins. Could be starting it without heating it up evenly. could be a small puncture in the paper causing air loss to one side. Could be the paper is folded over during the roll instead of it tucking around which can cause shitty air flow or thicker paper in some areas which would cause it to burn hotter on one side.

  13. It's called canoing, when you light it, don't only light it from one direction, give it a bit of a rotation so the entire tip catches fire. Also if you lit it properly, then it's happening because the drags you're taking are uneven

  14. Id try lighting the longer side of the joint that isn’t burning till it’s even and then evenly light the rest of the joint tip

  15. Try twirling it. Some buddy told me that makes it stop canoeing like that, but no matter what I can’t help it so 🤷‍♀️

  16. You packed it too tightly when you roll a joint and you’re trying to pencil packet you wanna pack it tater around the cone in which you pull the smoke from and less tightly towards the part that you set on fire net will keep you with a nice even burn all the way around and not start the joint from running

  17. You got to work on you roll. Prop density distribution. Sometimes when you roll the bottom of the paper is denser than what's on the top. So when you make your crease and roll over you budd the density is less so more air got through one side. Thats why ppl pack their joints with a push or tap the bottom of the joint to let everything fall and shift down and re-tighten the joint so it's got a nice density. You'll know you did a good roll when the ash when smoking ends up as a dense short light Grey ash. Kinda like a cigarette. But keep.on the good work man! And stay positive!!

  18. Unevenly packed cones and lighting the joint unevenly from the start is notorious. If you evenly light the joint it tends to stay even. Use the lighter to get it started evenly!

  19. This happens when your joint is packed Inconsistently. (Dense areas will burn slower) Best way to avoid this is to use a grinder so all your material is consistent and to roll carefully making sure not to over pack and over tighten, especially the top.

  20. Get a medium sized glob of saliva on your finger and wet the end that's burning faster and it should make it smokeable. Trust me, 10x more effective than just lighting it with a lighter and wasting weed.

  21. This looks like a cone that you stuffed (not hand rolled). It could mean you’re packing it too tight or unevenly. Pack the tip of the cone tight and looser as you make your way up.

  22. I'm assuming it's a pre roll from a dispo. They pack them unevenly with machines which make them canoe when burned. Youre better off buying some green and rolling your own.

  23. light the blunt in a sort of circular motion. i guess flames can be unpredictable in their movement so better to know you’re getting an even light.

  24. One side of it is packed tighter than the other, other side is more loose. Spending a few extra seconds to make sure it’s evenly packed couldn’t hurt.

  25. You need to make sure you always pack everything evenly and take out the stems. I have had this issue maybe 4-5 times in a few years now, but if I smoke someone else’s it’s almost like a 30%+ chance they messed it up.

  26. The fire follows the path with the most oxygen. Joint is unevenly packed. Not to worry though, it happens all the time and is easily fixed

  27. I get this when I purchase weed that knots up in my grinder😓 dry flower joints, this never happens with I find 🤌🏼

  28. Could be not broken up enough or rolled tight enough right there. Could also maybe be from the paper being a little too wet

  29. As your stuffing. Stuff more at the bottom and pack less at the top. It’s not going to burn around good around the packed area.

  30. Yall its not all about the way its broken up. You have to pack it evenly with the same amount of pressure. If one side is packed too much itll burn slower. If you light one side more than the other, one side is going to be hotter and burn faster than the other. It includes the way you grind it but thats not just it.

  31. It’s where the paper is rolled onto itself. At that point it’s is twice as thick so it burns slower. If it gets too long I just pull it off. Non-issue.

  32. If you're using cones, fill it up evenly so it feels solid and compact (but not tight or overly stiff), and make sure there's no air pockets by gently massaging the joint around spaces where it's unevenly filled (if it's already filled). Only grind the buds untill the exact moment where you feel no resistance from the herb (pre-breaking the buds, by hand, into small enough pieces and having a larger grinder can help with blade clotting, and you'll have more control & awareness of the grind). Don't grind it to dust, more like shreds. Don't fill too much at once, because if you mess up, removing the herb from the cone can be a little difficult. Remove as much stem as you can before grinding. Use authentic papers (avoid the flavored ones) and find the right texture and brand. Take your time lighting the joint, and blow/puff into or at it while it's lighting up to spread the flame. If it's still uneven, burn off the side that's hanging over till it's even and be sure to dust the joint if ash builds up. If you must or if you want to, add a little tobacco (for a better burn, supposedly). Most importantly, make sure you're smoking quality stuff and there's no moisture.

  33. It’s just an air gap in the weed in the cone Lick your finger and then dab the side that’s burning faster And gently pull the longer paper away from the joint, burn that paper away and it’ll be good to go

  34. I have a solution that literally fuckin works perfect usually. If you have a pre roll, unravel the top or just poke a hole thru it with a tooth pick and make a tunnel thru the middle of it to the bottom. Literally makes the joint last much longer and it doesn’t run

  35. That’s called a canoe. Can happen if you do a weird twist at the end of the joint that makes the burn uneven from the get go, or it can happen if you use too much moisture when you’re closing it.

  36. It's not rolled/pack down properly and you're not smoking properly. If you just take a fat drag pretty much no matter what the papers going to run You kind of have to baby and sip from the cherry slowly instead of like ripping it like a rig or trying to suck a smoothie through a straw.

  37. It happens cus the joint isn’t evenly packed or you have a big piece of bud in the joint that creates an ”air bubble”. Try packning more with less scoops in between (By looking at the picture I’m presuming you use cones)

  38. Pack it better and more evenly also gotta make sure you light it right. If it's a preroll from dispo then those are hit an miss I've had badly packed cones all of them "Canoed" it was terrible.

  39. Because you’re literally wasting time taking the photo and wondering instead of simply rotating the thing as you go or taking your lighter back out. I keep the lighter out almost the entire time because this is inevitable with different rolls. Sometimes a strain is ready but still super sticky and breaks up different or rolls a a little different. With that being said ya can still roll a perfect J in any of these scenarios it’s just gonna take a millisecond to spin and relight little portions.

  40. Grinder is not fine enough. If you don't have enough material against the side of the paper it will burn faster than if you have material on it. My grinder is super fine and i pack cones until they're about as packed as a cigarette. Only times I've had canoes during that is if i light it unevenly.

  41. Looks like its burning down the gum line. Some paper companies use glues that dont burn at the same rate as the paper. Having spent several years rolling 10k doobies a day there are several factors to look at.

  42. I smoke after my kiddos go to sleep. So it almost feels like I smoke my joints on the fly then put them back out. Mine do the same thing so when I flick the tip and a chunk of good weed falls off with the ash I get kinda butthurt.

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