Think you can smoke a bag?

  1. They smell awful but pack the biggest punch you gone get from a blunt. Roach blunts hit harder than mike tyson on a good day.

  2. I empty them into a bowl. Sometimes even the prerolls. Seems like I waste a lot of smoke when I smoke a joint alone, so in the bowl most goes.

  3. Before I switched to a vape id put a little tobacco plug by the roach so I wouldn't feel bad about chucking the last bit

  4. I often do this, if I roll a joint I always make a pact with myself to not leave a single spec of weed left. Do it for 15 year old me, smoke the weed he couldn't.

  5. I always smoke down to the filter. I don’t like to smoke joints without filters; it feels like I’m wasting weed every time I take the bits out of my mouth.

  6. Some of em gonna be dryer than a nuns cunt on Sunday lmao I usually try smoking those up when I'm drunk so I can enjoy fresher green later. Make sure no mold builds up and it's a great reserve

  7. Calling people nasty for doing shit like this is so lame bc it’s 100% safe and a good way to not waste shit and have a reserve for the future in case the shit hits the fan. Also if you’re a teenager you already prolly spend all your money on pot so this just helps save. Tbh a poor teenager would be stupid not to do this. They don’t taste great but smoking the weed from roaches will get you more baked than the frostiest indoor there is. Idk how but it’s true and anyone who’s done it knows it.

  8. What’s the purpose of saving all those joints? Or is this to prove that you are going for the absolute LOWEST transfer efficiency, EVER! Congratulations… you wasted 68% of your stash. Maybe try a vaporizer? I’m pretty sure smoking a joint is the lowest transfere efficiency that you can possibly do. And this much.?? Like… best you can do here is to tear open every single joint.. clean off the burnt carbon and paper… then cook all this down with some butter, then put that butter in some cookies or brownies, or even garlic toast.

  9. Some of y’all are borderline crack heads. If you can’t go a little bit of time without bud and have to resort to this I’d seriously think about your lifestyle.

  10. I was told to "grow up" because i did not want to inhale literally trash. Some people are just in a very bad spot in life and don't have the support to get out of it. I am totally on your side that those people who feel the need to smoke moldy trash need a change.

  11. This sub is fucking disgusting with this gross ass habit. Where the fuck do you creatures even learn this vile shit. Sort yourselves out ffs

  12. Never had a rainy day hard enough for that garbage. Will never understand the people who save roaches, try saving money instead

  13. You Got That indigo gin, fuckin marble table and two fookin bags of roaches, set yo priorities straight bro lol

  14. I wouldn’t save these many roaches, but I do save a few for when I’m getting towards the end of my stash. Living in an illegal state, pickings are always slim and the guy I deal with, while he’s a good dude, has a life outside of being a plug. He isn’t the most consistent, so I’ll save a few roaches to tide me over until I can procure another stash. If I lived in a legal state, saving roaches wouldn’t even be a thing for me.

  15. Lol I have 7 large mason jars full in my smoke room saving them all for rainy days. Anything for joints to game/backwoods/fronto blunt roaches

  16. No, comments saying they've never been low enough to do this. People really can't go a few days or even weeks without?? That's a problem right there.

  17. I’ve actually gotten high from saved doobies because it’s all mixed strains I break them down and you’d be surprised how much weed come out specially on them rainy days when you run out. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but I think this is good for hard times.

  18. I had over a qp the last time I broke down all my roaches. I rolled up over 100 hooters and was giving them out like candy to my friends and fam. I still have half left but haven’t been hard up enough to smoke it.

  19. I know people are bitching about tobacco in joints here but here me out, putting small ball of tobacco on the end of your joint will save you from this nasty thing, honestly the best thing u can do if u don't wanna smoke it to the filter. Or use chamomile or some other herb if you really hate tobacco but believe me, this method is more safer for your lungs than this shit

  20. That’s just a triple wide roach blunt for me I’d say bout three heads including mine and we could get it done in the hour

  21. They have moved from mason jars, to a family size butter container, and now bags because people actually buy this stuff I’m not kidding

  22. Am I the only on here that rolls so the crutch is still sticking out the end of the blunt? So when you get to the roach you just pull the crutch a centimeter out, and then you can finish all the weed

  23. I roll my blunts with hemp wraps, and a filter always. I always finish what I start. To me, smoking a Joint to the end is enough, no need to keep a bunch of harsh shitty weed around for ages then smoke it.

  24. Gotta do what you gotta do. But at that point you’d probably be better off smoking out of a piece to get more out of your flower.

  25. One time my buddies and I put roaches about this sized in one of those water jugs and filled it to the brim within a year. We then rolled a 53.2 gram fonto leaf of old dried out weed. It was god awful but we were high as hell & it took 3 hours to smoke between the 6 of us.

  26. Nope, there is a reason I throw my roaches away. I used to save them to give away but honestly no one even wants them anymore

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