1. Haha I actually laughed out loud and said “confused about what? The brand?” Then I realized he didn’t know what it was in general lol

  2. You’ll start off loading the small end but depending on how fire your weed is you’ll screw up and load the long end. Smoke on! Be careful when it burns down, you’ll suck the hot ash to the back of your throat!!

  3. When I lived with my in laws, they had a major crack addiction and we had a chillum and it came up missing within a week. She knew we had it to begin with and stole it from us. So I can attest to that.

  4. But trie but a Joint on the side what have chamber and use other side to have even smoother and cooler hit from Joint..

  5. Its a straight shooter, pack the lil section on the end, light and smoke. Edit: not a fan, things are pneumonia in a tube if you’re not careful and breath in some ash, always go mouth to lung.

  6. These things have many names. I've heard people call them glass bats, one hitters, chillums, tasters, and straight pipes. Google also said people call them a oney, which I've never heard. Any way you label it, pack your buds in the short end smoke from the long end of the tube and repeat till you reach the moon. Good Luck and happy journey!

  7. People call them one-hitters, bats, tasters, and a few other names. They’re decent in a pinch but get nasty quickly, are pretty harsh to hit, and you’re almost guaranteed a mouth full of ashes eventually.

  8. If I dont have picture and someone say’s Chillum first thing come to mind is Hashish smoking device called chillum.. mostly made out of clay or soft stone.

  9. It's a solid crack pipe that won't break on you you stuff the long end with copper that has been torched not all the way maybe a quarter full then shove it to the other end put your rock in the top an hear the train

  10. This a glass blunt or it’s how I use mine exact same fill the long end and light it normally stays lit and burns down you can hit it like a joint

  11. it’s not known as a crack pipe, it is a chillum/one hitter why tf would a brand send him a crack pipe in a stoner bag

  12. Yeah but it gets hella hot and is hard to ash and re pack also it don’t bud to good most glass blunts have a little spiny tool thing to help you ash it as you go for a more even smooth toke

  13. I had one once and it was one of my favorites. Thing would blast your lungs but you'd get a hell of a buzz from one hit, or however many it took to clear the chamber. I thought it was gonna be stupid at first but it was awesome. Mine was from grav labs.

  14. Called one hitters but that’s for rookies. Pack a few extra hits in that puppy and go to town! 🤣🌱🤘🏻

  15. It's perfect for the roach or the end of the J when that shit's too small to pluck between your fingers. Don't drop it though, it breaks very easily.

  16. The technical term is a glass blunt - essentially already rolled so you just have to pack in the good stuff, light, and inhale. Rinse and repeat as needed.

  17. While you can fill the short end and smoke out of the long end, this is actually more of a crack pipe. Don't let the cops find this on you. It's suspiciously cracky. Not joking.

  18. Ah the old glass blunt, me and my friends took a screen put it in the bottom of the long end and filled it, as long as it dont meed to relight it’s really nice, i know everyone uses it as a one hitter but who has time for that

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