1. The is the first post, IN A LONG TIME, that I can def get behind. My up vote is in deep appreciation!

  2. My favourite is when you go to make a drink, you "forget" when you get to the kitchen, walk back to your seat and the drink is waiting for you :P

  3. Couple weeks ago I was just minding my own business making dinner. Take out the rice container, use it, put it back. Fast forward 10 minutes I go to the fridge to put something back and

  4. I remember this one time I put a piece of chicken in the microwave and I stopped it midway, I was supposed to take it out flip it over and resume but I put the chicken on the plate and started microwaving again. There was nothing in it and I’m just standing there waiting for no reason lol

  5. My gf lost a sandwich for over 12 hours yesterday while we’re guests in a very Christian household. THEY found it in the top shelf of their China cabinet. Had no idea how it got there, who put it there, nor why. What a dunce, I love her.

  6. one time i cut a piece of cheesecake, got out a spoon, washed the spoon without even using it and put it in the dish rack, then ate the cheesecake by hand wondering where my spoon was.

  7. I did that with the milk one time, we searched all over the house did not find it until I bought new milk and was going to get a glass

  8. Last week I went to warm up my Canna coffee in the microwave. Walked over to the coffee pot and made a fresh one. Then 2 hours later I found my 1st one in the microwave. Pressed 30 sec start and downed that one

  9. Last week, I filled up my water bottle and put the brita on the counter and the water bottle in the fridge. 😳

  10. I was making toast in toaster oven, I took bread out the bag open the toaster oven, put the bread back in the bag, closed the toaster, turned it on. Put the bread back, walked back to toaster oven, looked inside and I was where tf is the toast.

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