What is your Stoner Hot Take?

  1. i still smoke every joint down to the filter despite however much weed i have, people always tend to act like just because they got pounds on pounds they leave roaches w phatass amounts of weed still left, also another reason why i dislike blunts cuz the amount of weed wasted, u could put a filter in it but that looks goofy and that’s what joints r for.

  2. man wtf how ur comment get more upvotes and even an award but my post doesn’t get one and has less upvotes wtf 😭

  3. All the THC at the bottom of the joint has been vaporised by the smoke passing through it so you are just smoking to collect tar

  4. Weed does have negative side effects. They’re not as bad as the government likes to pretend they are, and they’re not gonna fuck your lungs up the way cigarettes will, but you’re still consistently inhaling smoke into your lungs that isn’t meant to be there over a long period of time, it’s going to have some impact. I just wish we would be more upfront about accepting that trade-off as a negligible thing versus pretending like weed is magic and there’s absolutely no impact, because it’s just not how it works.

  5. I despise passing bowls or really anything except a joint around, I would rather take nice green snaps so I keep on getting fresh hits instead of smoking someone else’s already smoked weed

  6. I feel that there are subcultures of weed culture though. Like the pot leaf pajamas and hats, and although I love rick and morty, the constant overuse of them in “trippy” weed related artwork, is all so cringe to me. Is that the kind of stuff you’re talking about?

  7. Agree it’s exactly why it gets such a bad rep. It just reinforces the media stereotype that all ppl that smoke are ur typical dirtbag skater boy with a 16 year old girlfriend

  8. Just because you smoke the world doesn’t have to know. In fact it’s not anyones business. You leave yourself open to discrimination. No need to tell the world.

  9. bragging about a high tolerance and then making fun of those of us with very low tolerance is the dumbest shit i have ever heard. you have to spend a fuck ton of money to get high? nice flex bro.

  10. I usually only smoke joints in a crowd or while traveling. Home use is glass all the way. Its like my fancy silverware.

  11. Munchies are BAD. I got so fat since smoking weed but munchies take control! I got better recently and I know its a me a thing but I get hungry so fast after smoking even if I’ve eaten a full meal.

  12. I use to have a big problem with that, like id dummy 2 medium pizzas from dominos every other night lmao. Now I just make sure to have a bunch of healthy(ish) snacks to munch on instead.

  13. The best thing you can do for that is just plan what your gonna eat before hand. So instead of leaving it up to high you (who’s gonna wanna eat way more) sober you can set the boundaries

  14. this. honestly feel like dry herb vapes are like some stoner cheat code more people need to know about lol. altho there are a load of shitty ones out there

  15. Id argue 95% of young stoners know a lot more than your average old head who don’t even know what strain they’re smoking half the time

  16. That’s that “woke” culture for you😂 ask them what their favorite terpine or if they prefer indoor vs outdoor flower or what tier hash rosin they like and they’ll just look at you confused. They’re just posers sadly

  17. I think that cones are better to use than rolling j’s just because the consistency is always there

  18. Now do you mean putting pills/pill powder in the roll/in the bowl? Or do you mean smoking bud while on pills?

  19. In UK/Ireland everybody I know mixes tobacco, personally I don’t smoke cigarettes and never would but will put the tiniest bit of tobacco in my joints it’s just habit now, 1 cigarette would last me about a weeks worth of joints though I use very little

  20. Knowing too much about bud is too much. Us old school dudes don't give a fuck. We just want that Purp Skurp. Don't need to know your tricomes, terp %s and thc %s. If it gets me baked more than Martha Stewart than idc.

  21. I also hate the people who look at things like your username or posts and say "Stop making it your personality trait" like? It's just a username, it's not that serious

  22. Idk personally I disagree I find they’re different when I smoke however not a huge difference I wouldn’t say a sativa makes me “energetic” but an indica definitely makes me more of a couch potato

  23. Kinda have to disagree, I can smoke a huge sativa bowl during the day continue on with my day and not feel like wanting to go to sleep where as if I smoke Indica I can guarantee you I will want to stop what ever I’m doing a take a fat nap. I can’t even make it through an episode of a show if I smoke Indica.

  24. this take is hot asf elaborate cus they are drastically different effects and most dispos charge the same price for both. price is based off quality of bud. now if we talking bm ig there is a desire for indica and plugs deffo price raise depending on their customer base

  25. Weed every day all day is an addiction. Stoners love to say its not but you are not as clearheaded or sharp compared to being sober from my experience with myself and friends n family. Memory slowly becomes a blur. Thats my hot take.

  26. just bc something is bad for u doesn’t mean it’s an addiction tho. i smoked everyday for three years and literally just quit a couple weeks ago, nbd. if it was an addiction it would’ve been difficult to stop. poor patterns of behavior ≠ addiction

  27. You’re bullshitten I’m high more often than not and I can talk to police high without them knowing get the fuck off this page you goofy

  28. Bitch don’t worry bout what we do just bout what you do the fuck if you don’t smoke roach blunts okay cool but everybody else does and we like it so you can disrespectfully go eat a whole dick

  29. Smoking all throughout the day sucks because by the end of the day you hardly get higher when you smoke so you just have really mid highs

  30. The hate on this subreddit honestly sucks and it ruins the mood, I see this in alot of replies/comments there always has to be one negative thing about something in the pic/post

  31. If you need weed to function at work or school, no you don't. Get therapy man. I was one of those who never left her house without smoking first. It made me feel better in the moment but it also meant that i wasn't actually dealing with the source of my anxiety. Then I started therapy and stopped going to work high. Now i smoke more recreationally and enjoy it a hell of a lot more because i don't HAVE to do it to function. As a plus my job performance is way way better and I got my first ever performance based bonus.

  32. I’ll admit it is a drug, and is even addictive to its own degree. But it does have its benefits and it enjoyable if used right

  33. This is false. A drug is a man-made substance that causes effect that knock off the equilibrium of your body. Also, it is helpful and beneficial to everyone. Enjoyable is only thing you got correct. This isn't my opinion it is fact. Science Bitch!!! - That One Guy From Meth Show.

  34. If you’re smoking a blunt (wood or hemp paper) it should have a filter. I know that’s a lil controversial but if I’m rolling up a blunt, it’s not an everyday thing. So obviously I’m trying to have a good experience. Does burnt lips, Scooby snacks and resin sound good? You can possibly prevent the burnt lips and resin by killing it early. Although now you’re wasting half the blunt and it won’t be as good the second time.

  35. For the most part, I don't give a fuck about THC percentage. Or all these fancy genes. All bark no bite. Gimme a terpy landrace all day.

  36. This is a strong word comming up but I HATE blunts. I've smoked off and on for 35 years and everytime I try a blunt it makes me want to throw up. But I can roll a joint bigger than the blunt and smoke it till it's gone in 1 sitting and never be nauseated. To hell with blunts.

  37. I dont get why anybody smokes. Maybe it's relaxing to some but if given a choice between smoking for a while to get high and eating a peach ring and then relaxing till it hits, I think I know what im picking

  38. People like yo goofy ass yo ruin the vibe for us like nobody gives a fuck about your edibles them weak ass shits I gotta eat like 2000 mg to get high not high ash just high fuckin lightweight

  39. Spliffs are a valid way of smoking and should be left alone, joints shouldn’t be less than a gram otherwise just use a bong

  40. carts are a waste of money when you can just find bud only reason I would buy a cart is for school but we still got like a month left so enjoy the bud while u got it 🤷‍♂️

  41. Joints are a waste of weed. I can get just as high, sometimes even higher, using a fraction of the amount of flower a joint uses

  42. edibles fuck you up so hard. i ate a little less than half a 600mg edible thinking it wasn’t going to hit as hard as me smoking a bowl or joint. boy was i wrong. i woke up still high 12 hours later and it took me the rest of the day to try and sleep it off. woke up with the worse cotton mouth ever and was staring at myself in the mirror for a good half hour.

  43. i’m all for saving weed and conserving it… but it get annoyed when people act like a crumb of weed will make or break anything. always gotta account for some spillage🤷 hell, there’s was one time i dropped an entire grinder of keif on the floor. all my friends were coming up with a billion different ways to get the keif back. there comes a certain point you have to say fuck it shit happens. there’s always more weed out there.

  44. People who care what strain of weed they are smoking are the same type of people who buy designer tshirts for $400.

  45. Edibles really aren’t that good, might just be me but I’ve never had an edible that’s knocked me out and get me blazed like everyone says they have. Usually I’ll just get a slight buzz if anything and then a headache

  46. I also don't like blunts or even smoking for that matter. Although a joint here and there doesn't hurt. I much rather vape from a cart and herb vaporizer and of course there's edibles.

  47. Personally think there’s nothing wrong with using cigarette filters. It’s a nicer smoke and I don’t notice a difference in how high I get.

  48. Passing bowls sucks nobody likes smoking tar filtered weed. Much rather pack small snaps for everyone in the circle

  49. I hate when my gf buys from someone else, I have the best options w best prices (my plugs) but she says she wants to be independent n she jus keeps buying boof pack , poop carts ect.. n she’s over paying for literal garbage. But she won’t buy w me thru my ppl cuz she wanna be “independent” she’s wasted thousands of dollars at this point lmfao

  50. I hate people that make smoking weed their entire personality. Like, we all know what it’s like to be high, but it shouldn’t be the forefront of who you are. Being a pothead is cool but it shouldn't be all that you are.

  51. how are u just dictating how ppl are allowed to exist in the world 💀💀💀 just bc someone isn’t the type of person u like in ur life doesn’t mean they need to.. not exist? jfc lmao

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