Trying Slippery Susan. What y’all toking on?

  1. When it's really all mid grade from the same plant lol. I remember those days. Brick Reggie was a favorite when it's all I had in the 2000s lol.

  2. Cookies Ocean beach. It's a great OG pheno/decendant with a jello strain taste. Big apple was a choice, but the batch I have is a sherbet Dom and sherbet keeps me up for some reason for an indica.

  3. Anyone tried redwood Kush? I came into a few lbs of it years ago the grow was jus amazing nothing but 7gram nugs but the high was super uplifting yet blissful and calm I believe it was a hybrid can't remember. All I know is I still dream of her 🥲. Anywho I'm smoking mystery budder don't know the name but taste is on point and I'm high as cumulus clouds

  4. On a temporary hold right now due to wanting to get this real good paying job so someone toke up for me! I'll be back tho

  5. Well I hope it's nice for you in this day and age there's way too many made up strain names who needs 5000 different strain names

  6. Ironically. You'd be surprised how many strains are just no names just labeled as their crosses. Most names can be checked by allbud or leafly.

  7. After 13 hours on the road today and 10 yesterday, I have reached my destination and am enjoying some White Truffel. Next order of business is sleep...

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