Am i a b!tch because i only use roller?

  1. Don’t give anyone the time of day if they’re putting you down for using a roller or cones. There’s nothing wrong with either.

  2. Not at all. Perfect joints everytime. Toss like 10 or 20 up, keep ‘em in a cool cigarette case, and know you got the best smoking j at any given time.

  3. I used to do the same thing. I’d get an oz. Or two and spend an afternoon rolling joints that would last me months. It was awesome having 50 joints or so to smoke at all times. My friends loved coming over

  4. YES! How DARE you let a machine take over the secret art of rolling filterless joints by hand! A feat only performed by the true GODS of cannabis, sullied by peices of plastic FILTH that spit on the very name of stoners and weed alike!!!

  5. It might be cous I’m used to it but It takes me like a minute to roll up it’s take me longer to stuff the cones

  6. Thank you! Even tho it took me years to learn how to hand roll. After 21 years of smoking, I still can't use these fuckin things

  7. It’s just convenient nothing to be ashamed and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise there’s something so comfortable about each way to roll once you get your favorite way down

  8. I'd say it's like using an auto tuner for a guitar instead of by ear, sure knowing that skill is useful but at the end of the day they achieve the same effect. Definitely learn rolling though I'm strictly bongs only but joints have saved my ass in a pinch more times than I can count.

  9. I’ve been rolling by hand since I started smoking. Tried one of those things once and could not figure out how to use them even with tutorial videos. Whatever works, works.

  10. The cashier at the smoke shop was like “oh yea we carry rollers bc women prefer them, you know” and then asked me how to use a roller….so I, a woman, showed him. I was so annoyed

  11. That's like someone calling me a bitch for using a table saw and not a hand saw. Bitch we invent technology to make our lives easier. others can pretend to be Amish but i'm not. I use a roller all the time.

  12. Dude that’s how I learned to roll. I used to roll preggo doobies until I got the feel of how it should be done. Now it’s hard to tell the difference between the two.

  13. no i use one all the time i rather have a perfectly rolled joint than some air pocket flute that burns fast. this thing even works if you use wraps.

  14. Hi, I used to use that exact rolling machine, when I used to use Weed in this form, as, sometimes when hand rolled, joints come out rolled too tight, and, alas , does not burn properly, if at all, thus, wasting precious Green.The rolling machine, whether rolling regular tobacco cigarettes, or Weed, rolls a bit looser, thus, making it easier to smoke joints, for a more even smoke. Now, I only use Borosilicate Pyrex glass pipes. Thanks

  15. It really shouldn’t matter. What’s best for you is what’s best for you and that’s period. We’re here to enjoy weed how we each use and feel most comfortable with

  16. I used one of these or comes just for the efficiency, well that and my thumbs kill from years of using airtools so it's much easier for me.

  17. I've smoked daily for about 15 years now. I use glass and paper. I cannot roll a joint. Strong people have tried to teach me and failed. Idk what it is but I cannot do it. I use a roller. No shame

  18. A piece of good advice you’ve probably heard a couple of times in your lifetime : Don’t give a two shit flying fuck about what others think about you or what you do. You do you (:

  19. Look, do you get high? If the answer is yes then awesome. You’re not lame or a wimp or whatever. Gate keeping stoners suck. Get yourself high safely and all is well.

  20. Yea bitch made for sure hahah nah whatever works is fine. It’s about getting high and using your medicine the way you want. I don’t care about what you got going so long as your all right mate

  21. I use the same thing from time to time, unabashedly. I would like to learn how to roll but I don't do joints often enough.

  22. in my opinion, no it doesn't. rolling can be difficult just starting out so no shame in helping yourself learn or make things more convenient for yourself. don't let ppl put you down for how you smoke or enjoy cannabis. we all smoke for a reason n we should be able to enjoy it how we want to

  23. I can roll perfect js by hand they look like they came out of a roller every time even blunts but sometimes I poke fun at my friends for using rollers. rolling a perfect js is simple yet takes so much time and so many tries plus if your weed is too wet/dry it won't roll properly sometimes a roller is just the smart move but people will always make the joke it's just part of stonerism

  24. Nah I was using these for a cool min until I seen my homeboy roll a Raw paper like a blunt and that's when it hit me ..roll that bitch like a blunt lol..all good though those rollers come in handy and you'll always get a perfect j until you use it so much it falls apart or you get curious on how to roll

  25. Not everyone is good at rolling. Heck, before I got prerolls, I never even fully appreciated the importance of using a disposable non-weed something at the end for filtration. Since I'm really more of a bong guy, even now with all the online guidance available I just stick to picking up a little tin of prerolls whenever the last one is all used up.

  26. Those that make you feel bad are smug pretentious smokers, the worst kind. “Oh let me show you how to really do it..” ok “enhancement smoker”

  27. Bro I’ve been smoking for 18 years and I literally do not have time to roll all damn day and I like joints, I like those auto rollers

  28. Nah dude, rollers are nice and you get a perfect J every time. Rolling is a skill tho, and if you find yourself without a roller its a handy skill to have. It just takes practice. So what if you roll a few crappy J's while learning? Its like riding a bike. Once you learn, your set for life. It's skill you may not need, but when you do you'll be happy to have it.

  29. i dont see anything wrong with it but id just feel like there isnt no love in it. with anything if i could, id rather have it hand crafted instead of processed lol but thats just ME.

  30. Pretty much all I use. Idgaf, can’t roll joints, couldn’t roll cigs in the joint either but I had guy who would roll me 10 for 1

  31. a joint is a joint , full of weed and joyness, no need to worry how you roll your joints, just have fun mate :)

  32. I am guessing someone at some point WTF,? No,imo, I use the roller because it makes a fat 1.5 gram joint every time with my preferred ultra thin Zigzag, fuck Raw and all those flavored, tobacco flavored,see thru,cant see thru or blackwoods,I'm old school. I used to roll,but why waste the time, when a good roller can do it for me quicker. Blaze on bro/sis. Fuck em all....

  33. genuinely man who gives a shit if you can roll a perfect joint on your own it’s not a big deal how you get high

  34. Absolutely not, just like how I’m not a bitch for using cones instead of rolling my own joints like I used to do with ease. Some people enjoy the process of rolling their weed but I’m past that phase now

  35. Everytime I used one of those it compresses the bud to tight and my jays hit like shit, so I roll mine or use a cone. Whatever works for you

  36. I recently discovered you can roll actual tobacco leaves in these. I’ve been using a king size one to roll perfect Dutch masters recently and have really been enjoying them

  37. i only use pre rolls bc i literally have big fingers and i hate when i mess up bc it wastes my time especially if i’m tryna take a good smoke before work.

  38. Even if you can roll a joint these are worth sometimes. It’s just faster and can almost guarantee the joint will hit nice if you don’t over pack.

  39. I used to have a roller but it broke so now I take papers and wrap them around a reusable straw and close it then slide it off and fill it up

  40. the day stoners stop putting down other stoners for the way they smoke is the day society rebuilds itself

  41. These things are amazing, especially if you get your stuff pre-ground. With those paper tips that would be one dope lazy J.

  42. Nope. I can’t roll a joint to save my life so I depend on a roller for them. I can to blunt by hand though so I prefer rolling them that way

  43. It'd be cool to be a master at rolling your own but fuck those who say anything about how you choose to enjoy your weed

  44. Honestly joints for beginners are pretty hard to roll, but as long as that thc goes through your lungs who gives af how you do it.

  45. To be honest when I started I wanted to learn to roll and it's not that hard (and it's also fun!), but a roller definitely helps for convenience if you don't want to waste time I assume.

  46. Like I always tell my friends: I'm never going to learn how to roll by hand, so get over it lol (that being said I can roll blunts, I'm just too lazy to learn how to roll joints)

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