Just rolled my first joint!

  1. I've started rolling just a few weeks ago! I still suck but progress will come faster than expected. Just keep practicing

  2. I’ve been smoking for years, started with pipes went to joints, then blunts. Blunts are the easiest to roll but would never recommend nicotine as a daily substance. Just some insight

  3. And a masterpiece it surely is. Put some fire retardant on your eyebrows before attempting to light the beast… 👍🏼

  4. Why’d u try to roll a joint w those scraps🙄😂🤣 U don’t even have enough for a one hitter pipe there🤣😂

  5. Until you have more practice, i recommend just smoking out of a pipe. You are going to waste so much weed smoking these joints.

  6. It’s not even worth smoking. Keep trying, we all start somewhere, but trying to smoke that will be a waste if f your weed

  7. Did you roll it in the dark? Lol, kidding man. My first rolling job was similar. Keep practicing, it'll get easier.

  8. I can’t roll for shit. I’m real bad, but I started using cones and love it. So damn easy. Just another option if you enjoy joints!

  9. Looks like you tried to roll a filter tip in it...... That lvl 3 rolling. just try and roll a reggo joint my man. Or look up a Dutch tulip. Those smoke 🔥

  10. Rip it apart immediately and find a bong or make one. Trust me loose joints burn too fast and uneven, it's not pleasant to smoke

  11. I'd happily sit with you and smoke it. Then after we finished it, I would slap you across the face and teach you how to roll correctly.

  12. mine looked like this 3 years ago. if its smokeable, hey ho 🤷🏻‍♂️ practise makes perfect bro, good first roll!

  13. When it comes to joints I always start off with the filter, roll it up and then pinch the dry end inside the filter and try to roll it so the fill end gets a little wider than the filter end. You don’t want the paper to separate like Moses and the Red Sea it should still be together, then I fill it with ground weed and pack till I reach the top, twist the end and you’re done

  14. Got to start somewhere. So that was a poor roll, it's like me these days... Pretty much empty inside.

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